How to prevent WannaCry attack?

What does the WannaCry attack do?

The assault used a class of virus referred to as ransomware. Once contaminated, a goal’s pc has its information encrypted. The person then will get a ransom demand — often asking for cost in a “crypto currency” reminiscent of bitcoin — which should be paid to ensure that entry to be restored. Ransomware’s use has been on the rise. “We have seen it grow very rapidly,” mentioned Darren Thomson, chief know-how workplace for the cyber safety agency Symantec. “Globally, we have seen a 36 per cent increase year-on-year.” There are at current greater than 100 recognized households of ransomware propagating on-line. WannaCry is without doubt one of the latest.

How to prevent WannaCry Attack?

Update your window rapidly

WannaCry solely have an effect on the outdated Window model reminiscent of window XP and window 7. If you’re window 10, you may be protected at this second.

Here is the instance the best way to replace your window in window 7:

  1. Start –> Control Panel
  2. System and Security
  3. Windows Update –> Check for updates
    P.s. Please remember to turn automatic updating on!!
  4. Install all necessary securiy updates
  5. Install antivirus software program to guard your PC
  6. Backup your necessary file!!
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