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How to join yoonla CPA affiliate program?

  1. Register FREE member in yoonla

To join the FREE membership of yoonla CPA affiliate program, you need to register here and fill in your name and email address.
create yoonla account



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2. Check your mail box and Activate your membership
confirm your yoonla membership





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3. Claim Your Custom Setup by Reno & Become a Yoonla™ VIP! (a $297 value)

Click the “Claim your custom setup by Reno” button on top of the page, then watch the video and instruction below.

claim your custom setup
claim your custom setup





3 Steps to Claim Your Free Custom Setup

You could complete these three steps to claim your free custom setup. Please notice that you could follow these three steps via their affiliate link, please do these 3 steps and click the link via their page!!

Step 1: 

==> Set Up Your iPage Domain & Hosting Account ($1.99 investment – receive a $200 advertising credit)

IMPORTANT! Please ensure to not use the term “Yoonla” in your domain name as Yoonla™ is trademark protected.

(Please note that the above link may take some time to load up to 20 seconds.)

This is where we will upload your Yoonla™ Foundation software and system to, where we will set up your 3 digital products for you and the 3 websites that promote those 3 products. After we set things up for you, we will provide you with access to the Yoonla Foundation Software wizard so you can easily edit and make changes to your product websites.

Step 2:

==> Set Up your Automation & Autoresponder Account with GetResponse ($15 investment – 1,000 leads)

This service is required so that we can set up the integration with your products and websites we set up for you per step 1 above. When people sign up for one of your digital products, they can simply enter their name and email address into a pop up form and this will be linked to your GetResponse account so that you can build your leads database. Plus, we will integrate the complete system for you with  a pre-written high converting email follow up campaign for you inside your GetResponse email auto responder so that you can generate revenue and commissions days or even weeks after they initially sign up. (Hallelujah for automation!)

Please do ensure you register for at least the 1,000 (or more) lead/subscriber account with GetResponse, trial accounts will not have access to the API key which is required for us to connect your Yoonla™ Foundation system to your autoresponder.

Step 3:

==> Fill Out the Custom Setup Form so We Can Connect the Above 2 services With Your Yoonla™ System 

Fill out the form at the link above with the required details so we can connect and integrate your iPage domain and your GetResponse automation account with your Yoonla™ Foundation system and have everything up and running, ready to go within 24 hours.

step 3 claim your free yoonla
step 3 claim your free yoonla








Finally, please remember to fill in my affiliate ID: 5983e1b9a8e53 at the bottom of the form 🙂

Please free feel to find me if you need help on this, here is my contact information:


skype: denniswong34

4. Wait for the custom setup

Since there are many people are going to join the custom VIP yoonla membership, so it may take 3 or more days for waiting their setup. So, please be patient for waiting their confirmation. If it is ready, you are ready to rock & roll 🙂

If you haven’t join the yoonla program yet, please join it here

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