Ten animal photos of the craziest animal crossovers you have ever seen, warning some of these creations might just freak you out.

The popular website Bored Panda recently had a competition with their readers to find the most creative animal hybrid and these were some of the results. Some of these crazy animal crossovers look cute while others appear bloody terrifying. See for your self below.

1. The Highland Red Panda

Photos Of Crazy Animal Crossovers

Did you know that Mozilla’s browser was named after the red panda? Firefox is another name for red panda and to celebrate the browser`s success back in 2010 Mozilla adopted two baby red pandas that had been born at the Knoxville Zoo.

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2. The Hairless Pig Cat

Photos Of Crazy Animal Crossovers

Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, they are smarter than dogs, cats and even some primates. They even make good pets.

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