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Honeygain Review – Sharing your network and start to make money online (Get $5 USD Instantly)

Honeygain is the most easily referral program that you could earn money online. You would get $5 Signup bonus instantly after signup.

What is Honeygain? How does it work?

You could earn money with just open your computer/mobile phone and share your internet connection with honeygain network.

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There is no security risk by sharing network. It is 100% Safe.

Is Honeygain Legit?

Honeygain is definitely a legit platform. If you don’t mind sharing your data with an app in the background of your device, you should not even notice that Honeygain is working.

Honeygain will not keep any of your personal data stored on their servers. So, you don’t need to worry about your security and privacy.

Honeygain has a B+ rating with over 2400+ total review and a Great” rating on Trustpilot. Thus, it should be no doubt that honeygain should be a 100% legit company and paying money.

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Additionally, you can turn off your data sharing on your device at any time.

How Do You Get Paid On Honeygain?

Now, this is what most of you were waiting for. To see whether an online money-making site is legit or a scam, it’s essential to know if its users get paid on a timely basis.

In this case, the payment method is simple.

Honeygain provide two payment method. The first one is Paypal and the other is send in Bitcoin. So, you should be get your payment without any problem.

The minimum payment threshold is $20. Once you’ve earned that much, you can withdraw your funds immediately.

Most importantly, how much you get paid depends on the megabytes (MB) you share on the platform. Each MB will earn you some credits on the app.

For example, you will earn credit once you’ve shared at least 10 MB from your internet connection. This way, you can earn about $1 by sharing 10 GB.

Depending on your bandwidth connection’s quality and speed, the app will use about 2-10 MB per day. For more advanced users, internet connection sharing can go up to 15 MB as well.

However, you don’t need to worry about the app draining up all your internet data. It will only use 10% of your data limit according to your network plan.

Furthermore, the app charges some service fees, which will be deducted from your payout amount. The fee amount varies depending on your country of origin. If you live in the US, the platform will charge 2% of your earnings.

Keeping all this in mind, it’s safe to say you will be disappointed with your first payout if you’re expecting to earn a fortune.

But, considering you don’t have to do much except for signing up and running the app on your device, the money is good.

What kind of OS is support on Honeygain application?

Honeygain application support on following operation system:

  • Window
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • Linux OS

It almost cover all OS except IOS, since IOS is not support application running in the background.

Honeygain network Limitation

Besides, there is some limitation for using honeygain network.

  • The maximum number of gathering devices on an account is limited to 10 devices.
    Honeygain Users, who had more than 10 devices previously – may continue to have more than 10 devices connected, but the infrastructure will only use a maximum of 10 concurrently active devices.
  • Honeygain Users may connect up to 2 devices per one IP/Network.
    Additional devices added with a legitimate installation will show a “Network overused” error until there are less than 3 devices connected.

Earn extra money for promoting honeygain program

Moreover, you could earn 10% with recommended someone to join this program. This is the most easy affiliate program that I saw to promote, since, this program is FREE to join, and your referral will get $5 instantly, just share this program to all your friends and make money together!

How could I promote Honeygain program?

If you want to promote it in FREE way, there is many way to do it. You could add your referral link in your forum signature, share your link in social platform (E.g. facebook group/reddit/Snapchat/Twitter/Pinterest etc). If you got a youtube channel, you could create a video to promote it.

If you don’t like promote by yourself, you could promote it in other advertisement platform.

Here is the list of advertisment platform to try:

This is a bitcoin advertisement network. You could buy many cheap click from here. This is platform to let someone who want to earn some FREE bitcoin. You could earn money by watching Ad. Thus, this is the best place to promote honeygain program, since all people are looking make money online and they are action taker too!

A-ads is a bitcoin advertisement network which keep privacy to advertiser and publisher. It only support banner ad format. You could got ton of traffic on this network. You will only paid for the unique person for impression, that mean you will only charge one if the same person see your ad from different publisher. is also a bitcoin advertisment network which provide banner ad, pop ad, text ad for advertiser and publisher. I have personally test on this network. The traffic should be real but the volume is not large enough.

Final Word

So, let make money together!! CHEER!!

==> Join the honeygain program NOW!! <==

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