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  1. Think it’s gonna takeoff again?

  2. How can you still see with that blinding white background on TOS? lol

    Anyway, breakout incoming per my own thesis. Good luck.

  3. Apestronaut_IceCream

    Buying and holding has been my strategy and I’m up over 200% so far. I’m not missing this squeeze for anything and we haven’t even begun a “breakout.” See you true diamond hands on the moon.

  4. I am long in the stock and I can tell you it fells good that history is repeating.

  5. That’s a lot of words just to say “Buy AMC and hold”.

  6. The main problem with AMC is, that the bear thesis is valid: the business model is obsolete, the company is a wreck and debt is unstoppable as a glacier coming down from mount Everest.

    I cannot see how they can survive, and them printing more shares, diluting holders *like there is no tomorrow* says exactly that: ***there is not tomorrow!!***


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