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  1. Wow you guys have 70 IQ?

  2. bro, louisiana and new orleans is poor as fuck. one hurricane aint gonna do shit to any stock prices for anything.

  3. BokitoIsMijnVriend

    TL;DR no second hand lambo if IQ under 70

  4. actuarythrowaway445

    Idk there might be some entry points for those willing to trade at 4am-7am and not fully priced in (or even over-priced in for open).

  5. So once again, inverse WSB’s top posts?

  6. IntegrableEngineer

    Going to inverse you. Worked previously

  7. Post too long just tell me which stock to buy in so I can lose money


    DD that’s both informative & insulting, my favorite kind of DD

  9. Timmmay!!!

    So your calling me smart! Thanks for the update.

    Home Depot and Uhaul calls gunna have me

    Counting stacks, drinking yak’ and trying to get ol girl on this sack!

  10. This is some high quality DD right here. All in on Home Depot.

  11. I just saved a bunch of money by switching to geico

  12. So tldr, don’t do anything?

  13. ImFedUpWithItAll

    Is the 70 IQ play a put or a call? You gotta explain man..

  14. I was laughing my ass off seeing that shit posted TODAY.

  15. ok so what insurance compiane should we apes short? asking for ape

  16. Buy_High_SellLow

    I feel so assaulted by this post. It kind of turns me on

  17. I’m conflicted on this one. Normally I do the opposite of what WSB says but there are two threads both telling me to do different things.

    Edit: I’m going with the other thread that said to buy calls. All of a sudden people here care if I lose money?? Kind of sus

  18. Puts on above tickers printing like a mofo next week

  19. FairTradeHuevos

    There’s commodity/futures related hurricane trades… there’s also serious risk-reward…

  20. Which post do I inverse now

  21. Crayoned some lines last week. Stonks only go up.

    Riding 105 FD’s of HD/LOW since close at Friday. Wish me luck apes.

  22. Crispy-Bacon-FSU

    Noob here…Not attacking your post, just asking how you arrived at your data. In looking at HD, for example, last year a Cat 4 hurricane hit Louisiana… the HD stock price at the beginning of hurricane season was ~$249, it’s peak was ~$293(ish) three months later. June was essentially flat. July went up ~$18 and August is where it hit its peak…. but it actually dropped ~$25 the week after the hurricane hit. I think your logic is sound on the principle of getting into these options around June 1st for a 3-4 month run, and thank you for the idea. What PT are you looking at printing the most? Because I am so new to this, options prices for a $15 move in the next 30-60 days seem a little expensive right now. Am I just not looking at the bigger picture correctly?

    Again… just asking…not attacking. Thanks for the post

  23. Holy fucking apeman.

    Op fucks

  24. perfect post for all the shit i’m reading in the daily thread

  25. Beautiful post. You truly are an (anal) God.

  26. Don’t ever change the way you are, so beautiful and raw.

  27. Go fill up your fuel tanks tonight. That is all.

  28. >Remember this DD and get in early next year instead of waiting for the night before landfall of a major storm.

    RemindMe! 9 months “don’t wait the night before the gulf coast is bout to get the good succ to buy up cyclone cyclicals, start buying NOW”

  29. And I’m just here with my cat reading the news on Facebook thinking how I will play the market tomorrow and being smarter than wallstreet.

  30. “….before Lewis and Clark were fucking beavers for sustenance”

    I’ve never read a more profound statement

  31. RemindMe! 9 months “bet on hurricane season”

  32. I head priced in too often but this is an example where someone is right on the money. The hurricane would have to cause some kind of extremely unusual occurrence that actually affected some slice of the market. I doubt hurricane Katrina actually even managed to have much of a real dent on anything in the markets after it happened.

    Glad someone came in to point out how much of a joke the initial post was.

    When I saw the original post saying buy lowes calls because of generators ?? and shut like that I knew their understanding of everything is shit. But some apes are new and I’m glad we have a post to give a better perspective on the matter.

    Maybe if the hurricane knocked out a massive percentage of oil wells in the gulf for months oil would be influenced. But these motherfuckers spend billions building those rigs and hurricanes aren’t new. Do you really think they’re likely to get shut down in a meaningful way? Especially that many of them to actually matter. No. Way too unlikely.

    There’s no hurricane play here unless it strengthens to a category 6 makes landfall and goes all the way to DC and takes out the fed with jpow inside ??

  33. This is a great fucking post. I mean a GREAT. FUCKING. POST. Imagine realizing a hurricane is going to hit and 20 hours before it makes landfall you think it’s a good time to make stonk plays because….. You’re definitely the only one to realize a hurricane is about to make landfall…. Genius.

  34. I really enjoyed this post. I probably learned some things too.


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