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  1. I like RIDE. I feel like the short interest is trying to drive it down for another large automaker can acquire it for its IP and it’s production capacity. The only way they pull it out is to get the trucks on the road…. They probably have the ability to make and sell more endurance trucks than Ford can make f150 lightnings.

  2. Where are your positions?!

  3. SteveBurnsIsMyDad

    Production starts September 22nd. Legit 14 days away.

    They will outproduce Ford for electric trucks in 2022. People don’t realize how much leg work GM is doing for them. I have no doubt this is the next NIO

  4. They have $400M equity financing and possible DOE ATVM loan. If not the ATVM, then asset backed financing on the 6.2M sqft factory retooled for EVs. If no loan at all, then we’ll settle with dilution and still succeed once revenue starts flowing to operating cash flow. Cash is not a problem.

  5. yes if you short the stock you will be rich ?

  6. Rolling those calls now, will not that create a wash sale and you will be liable for all the tax from all the selling? Or it’s to low to care?

  7. InForTheLongRide

    1st Full Size Electric Pickup to market focused on fleet sales.

    For all you Tesla investors that hate on LMC, we are NOT competition! LMC is focused on a market that Tesla has NO interest in, at least for the foreseeable future.

  8. Has anyone actually seen the inside of the factory since the guy bought a turkey ranch?

  9. Reddit after dark is a weird place….

  10. At the end of the road nobody can say this wasn’t a heck of a ride.

  11. Well looks like it’s on sale so I guess I’ll slap my clov money in there tommorow.

  12. > We know the demand is there and LTM will sell.

    That’s exactly the part we DON’T know.

    Y’know, because of the fraud.

    > RIDE is at the bottom

    > the only issue of money, should be resolved soon

    How do you think they’re gonna raise that money? Answer: Equity – aka dilution – aka this isn’t the bottom.

  13. I mean the calls are likely done and you’re down 30+% on shares. Not the best person for investing advice lol. 2 month old position down around 50% total. Maybe more

  14. It seems liks you want people to hop in so you can dump your 3k shares at over $9

  15. All that FUD being spread around was complete bullshit. I lhave literally one Jan 23 call on RIDE though. Up 20% currently. Will average down, but I’m not dying to see how much further shorts can drive the price down.

    FYI if you didn’t know, when CNBC was pumping RIDE, they brought on Burns and literally had the words “non-binding orders” on the bottom of the screen. Months later, they start bashing RIDE and claiming that Burns never clarified the orders were non-binding.

  16. Remember NIO didn’t have shit and it went to 60 bucks so RIDE will ride again

  17. New CEO is a Carl Icahn lieutenant. He was the CEO of Pep Boys and the rest of Icahn’s auto service empire previously.

    I see a Pep Boys partnership for service and some Carl Icahn money coming in. I mean all NIO needed was some cash last year, once they got that they rose from $1 and change to over $60.

    With the Fed just tossing cash stacks out left and right, money is easy right now.

  18. The puts I sell on ride pay for my lunch every day

    Let’s do it

  19. I got in at $10 right before it went up to 15 then straight down to 4.xx managed to average down and went green that mini short squeeze happened a few weeks ago. Sold all my positions and went yolo on calls

    100 4/14/22 10c @ 1.28.

    It ain’t much but I’m sure these calls will print.

  20. Is it normal for the stonk to make me poor before I’m rich AF?

  21. Yeah I got 666 shares at a cost basis of 6.66 not sure what to think of that

  22. 3300 at 5.88 RIDE OR DIE ???

  23. Terrible_Berry_639

    The truth will come out when production starts this month. This company has been victim of a smear campaign by Ford, Dealer Association, SEC, DOJ, Union Association, Media. Someone is very threatened over this company. Never seen a company victimized to this extent.

  24. So much further ahead any other start up EV???it’s about to launchhhh

  25. Bruce-man-Bat-wayne

    1200 shares at $5.59, adding a couple hundred more before the end of the week.


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