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  1. BigMoneyBrad007

    CLOV is higher then open on Tuesday before that rocket ship took off anything is possible in this a market

  2. I have a GME csp 9/10 $200 with $1,525 premium. I knew GME would tank after ER, so I could’ve exited yesterday with a $100 profit but I held. Nice rebound.

  3. All this, and we’re gonna end flat. Fuck those fucking uncle fuckers.

  4. $FERN is quietly going to the moon 🚀🌕

  5. GME needs to hold above $197.65 for the squeeze to happen. This is the VWAP from the last earnings gap btw.

  6. CLOV gonna close red huh? Man hedgies and paper hands for the win today . Getting depressing not gonna lie

  7. i-like-cold-water

    They are walking the ask down on $CLOV. not good sign for power hour. She’s not a buy until she can get over 9.50

  8. Lonelyinternetperson

    Lets hope tomorrow is better. But I did take back some money from GME today

  9. Lazy-Communication59

    I wanna know who actually is selling CLOV right now, please let me know if you are one of those people

  10. I can’t believe I bought CLOV at 10.17 today

  11. PM_Me_Ahri_Bewbs

    What I thought was to be an ugly red day, turned out to be a nice green day for GME and AMC

  12. BigMoneyBrad007

    Here come the CLOV shit posts omg stocks go up and down no way😱😱😱😱😱😱

  13. 1600hazenstreet

    Someone steal jobu’s rum, so CLOV can rocket.

  14. Ring the bell already before CLOV sees 9.20!!!!!

  15. this thread is literally hidden now

  16. I could see high 8’s happening before close, would make a low risk entry point again

  17. When does panic selling start for CLOV?

  18. latestagecapitalist

    Last chance to buy CLOV above 9

  19. Loving these AMC escalator days going up

  20. Wow Clov 10.17 to 9.31 I think it will bounce off 8.80 today

  21. GangreneMachine

    CLOV closing in the red fucking sucks ass

  22. CLOV dyin slowly. Horrible to watch my puts just slowly gain…lol

  23. CLOV doing clov things as usual

  24. Lazy-Communication59

    They are getting really good at taking retailers money

  25. I’m no technician but that was a very bad close for CLOV . Seems like 8’s tomorrow

  26. Wtf just happened with $CLOV ?

  27. Welp clov is going to the moon

  28. Lazy-Communication59

    Yea!!! They going to slam CLOV to max pain!!!! $9 all day tomorrow

  29. You guys really thought they would let us get rich huh?

  30. Lazy-Communication59

    Okay it’s getting very obvious that they pump CLOV early in the week, borrow shares and sell calls. Then short it to max pain.

  31. That was some BS! Up all day to finish negative..![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|disapproval)

  32. Step one ignore uptick rule. Step two pin CLOV at max pain every friday. Step three short CLOV in the morning and cover by 5:30 so that you can borrow for free.

  33. If you bought a lot of deep in the money CLOV calls on Friday….would the MMs be able to push it down below your strike to avoid having to purchase a large amount of shares??? Hmmm

  34. AMC about to go nuclear tomorrow huh?

  35. Guilty-Marzipan

    CLOV still has green ema cloud and 2 inside candles on the daily. I wanna say stop freaking out, the chart is still good on the daily, but then I remember a lot of you have otm calls expiring tmrow

  36. Almost $9 AH. Imagine not selling after Tuesday.

  37. CLOV SMH. You had me at 10.99. Didn’t cash out now im playing the waiting game

  38. Going to sell my clov puts and buy clov shares – yippy thanks all you scared money paper handed bitches.


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