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  1. You’re in the wrong sub. This type of content belongs far far away from these godless apes.

  2. Aromatic_Bathroom_9

    I may have to start picking my stocks the same way.

  3. Sounds pretty retarded. It will probably work.

  4. So you’re saying let kids pick your stocks for you? You might be on to something

  5. Curious what platform you’re using. Is it a custodial account or just under your name
    I think if it’s just your name and it moons you will have some tax issues when you try to transfer it to them.

  6. Olgapetrushenko

    I think you should start an ETF.

  7. Man when they turn 18 and say “hey dad let’s compare portfolios” and wonder why you’re down 98% and they’re sitting at 1500%. They may just go ask mom for a paternity test

  8. therealdanimale

    I really like that idea!

    I also wanted to teach my son about long term investing. I bought $1000 of a stock of his choice. When he turns 18 he will pay me back the money and keeps the return. I told him I’ll eat the cost if it goes bad.

    When ask for his stock choice he said “ummm Xbox. So we settled on Microsoft with a $98 entry.

    Five years left on that deal.

  9. Heycheckthisout20

    Let them pick options

  10. Watch them outperform 99% of this sub

  11. Can they manage my money as well

  12. Watch them outperform your portfolio by 10x

  13. Asking a 1.5y/o and 7y/o to pick stocks, that’s a bit like asking for what stocks to buy on WSB, you’ll get pretty equivalent results πŸ˜†

  14. Vegetable-Length-823


  15. Moderna it is. TO THE MOOON!πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

    jk, good luck lil’ gordon!

  16. Was going to say you shouldn’t be YOLOing your kids future, then quickly realized you don’t know what YOLO means. Godspeed and hope your kids pick some winners.

  17. Keep posting their picks. I will also YOLO into those stocks. It’s gotta be better than what I’m currently doing.

  18. This would never work with my 2 year old. She would just place rage puts on DIS for closing their Disney stores.

  19. This is so retarted its genius.


    I expect any loss porn to be posted using Caillou jumping off a bridge.

  20. My returns are going to be bested by a literally baby with dice.

  21. they just going all in on roblox, kids love that shit

  22. Ordinary-Fox9986

    Are you mentally prepared for your kids individual net worth to be more than yours?? Are you?! πŸ˜€

  23. I did this with my kids as well but I put it in a custodial account for em 80% goes into pretty bland etfs and 20% into their own picks my kids a little older though 10-15 I think it’s great they learn about investing for the long haul plus get to compare β€œsafe etfs” returns vs their own picks. To date they are +36% compared to my yolo fund which is down 18% Hahahah in the same time

  24. Puts on MRNA to spite your kids

  25. $10 says the kids beat ur returns

  26. Must be nice not having any fees to trade, Canadians get screwed with fees on every trade.

  27. I bought Roblox because my kids play Roblox. True story.


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