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  1. Nobody tell him.

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  2. Don’t tell me what to do you fuck.

  3. Didn’t read. Can’t read. Lost money.

  4. hochsteD1szipl1

    Don’t you fucking tell me not to buy MVST at $14 during a 50% run up

  5. Thanks, I didn’t get OTM options this time I bought ATM

    Also not permabull at all, I got puts

    on AFRM

  6. Now you tell me after losing 10k on TLRY cmon now. WEED IS INEVITABLE

  7. thx for the sage advice.

    not losing money has the same dollar value as earning money.

  8. Particular_Growth_67

    Lies stocks only go up and the calls I bought at ath will recover 😭

  9. squirrelsoundsfunny

    Don’t buy OTM calls DURING a pump would probably save 2/3 of the bank rolls in this sub

  10. Any chance you can tell me how to actually make money? Feel I should set my sights higher than just losing less

  11. Yep I only buy on red days and it’s served me well. I do buy otm calls but barely otm with at least 4 months time.

  12. chadthunderyolo

    4.) Jerk off. Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket. I myself, I jerk off at least twice a day. I want to. That’s not why I do it. I do it cause I fuckin’ need to.

  13. Momentum arrogance is real. Made $20K in GME calls one day and then made boneheaded moves like missing out on AFRM and FOMOing into BBIG.

    One day I will practice restraint.

  14. “stop voluntarily gaping your own ass'” Lmaoooo

  15. You’re right. I’ll go 2 days out on my SPY calls now instead of same day.

  16. Seems like many big boys like credit/debit spreads to hedge their risk on OTM options. Just sayin’.

  17. I love this title because it’s such a subtle jab. “Lose less”

  18. 4th stop investing.

    5th If you don’t have money, you can’t lose money.

  19. Im guilty of these learning curves. Lost thousands. I used to think “why are these idiots wasting money buying ATM? Don’t they realize if they scroll down the option chain a little further it’s only $.02?! Today, I even sometimes buy ITM but only on red days and only when it looks like it’s reaching alot of support on level 2

  20. So, you want to make me a gay bear? Is this conversion therapy?

  21. Mysterious-Shop-2068

    I didn’t not listen anyone in the beginning and screwed up all my profit + investment. I made fortune last year with all the vaccine stocks. Unfortunately with greed and being ignorant lost all and now in debt.
    What I did wrong was exactly what he said! So, his statements can not be ignored fucktards!
    Be smart be alert and fuck hedges!

  22. RadicalFarCenter

    1. Stop losses exist use them

    2. OTM calls are great. You don’t need to hit your strike to make money. Sell them early and sell them often.

    3. Be a bull but also grab some puts when the time is right. No reason not to make money every which way the market trades even sideways

  23. ponderingexistence02

    Best fix for fomo? Buy a single stock or one option. I always feel better after doing that. Part of my brain that feels left out is silenced after that and I dont get too stressed out about it. WIN WIN

  24. Itm calls become otm calls 15 minutes after I buy them so I might as well save on premium and just buy otm calls

  25. Busy_Investigator_82

    But what if those super awesome speculative companies that I’m holding right now have already shit the bed? o.0


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