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  1. I saw something I didn’t like in here but the user is approved so I ignored it. /u/zjz

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  3. _wolfofrealestate_

    RKT is not undervalued retard.

    Coming from a manager who works with a real estate company that deals with hundreds of transactions from multiple states, I have yet to find ONE preapproval letter from Rocket Mortgage.

    Don’t know a single person who uses Zygna.

    Sales force didn’t dip, it’s slightly down from it ATH.

    In short your plays are retarded and you will lose money.

  4. What’s the filters you’re using for UW? Looks like you’re just checking out the ask side prints?

  5. melvincaneatmyshorts

    Leap recommendations for SE?

  6. daytrader987654321

    What about the PATH dip? Cathie’s buying, I’m buying

  7. Nice picks I’m also very bullish on rocket, crm, and se. Zillow is looking primed for an entry soon also after this consolidation period around 95

  8. Znga just hit nine dollars. Congratulations


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