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  1. Canadian solar. Undervalued as fuck.

  2. chugajuicejuice

    ive made a bunch of money off Array but out now, in with ICLN calls 2 months out!

  3. CSIQ is already a profit machine!

  4. Its not a negotiation, its straight stealing

  5. OK. OK. You finally convinced me. I’ve been eyeing TAN and RUN for a while. A friend just showed me his 58% gain porn on TAN. I’m sold.


    If any of you guys want to see what a Solar ITC extension looks like when there’s high short interest, peruse this article for what happened in December 2015:

  7. Done it in March, lol , those bags are heavy

  8. Asti patent curving flexible solar panels. Nasa and jaxa (japan space division) testing for solar implements. Nasa selected asti fo Solar Cruiser Solar Sail project (google it shizzle looks like star wars count doku ship). Partners with Silent Falcoln for solar drone development increasing fly time. Partnered with energizer for powerkeep solar/batt/charger development. Asti is the only penny stock I currently dabble with.

  9. Are you implying that my TAN investment, currently down 30%, may actually break even one day? 😞

  10. I’m wondering how can I get this solar tax credit for my home? πŸ™

  11. HealthcareBobby

    Just cant see solar stocks going higher with winter coming up. This feels like a spring play, not a fall play.

  12. BaconMilkshake2014

    Solar Alliance πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆ

  13. One of the best rn is Solaredge.

  14. I’m loaded up on $TAN already. It barely moves.

  15. I’m in tommorow on run. In 2015 it went from 6$ to 12$ when Bill was passed. Sunrun is undervalued as it is.


    Any resources or you just pulling this out if your taint?

  17. You may be right so thank you, if only it were just that simple; sometimes it is.

  18. Butterfliesinmybrain

    solar advocates fight for a lot of things. the ITC was extended again recently (or the step-down was delayed). the odds this gets picked back up are iffy at best.

    and I won’t even touch your sense of senatorial politics holy shit lol

  19. xxjohnnybravoxx


  20. When would be a good time to buy in?

  21. Apple and Telsa are the only ones I can count on.

  22. Aren’t these prices in yet? If the full 3.5T doesn’t go through (which it wont), there’s a risk of sell offs, no?

  23. BeernerdoMazzeroli

    Solar is such a boomer green energy play, Uranium is where it’s at bra.

  24. $SPWR bag holding since 07/20… I am ready for this

  25. I bought it. Where lambo?

  26. Been RUN gang since April last year when I dumped a bunch into RUN and VSLR. Then RUN bought VSLR. I felt like a god when it hit $95. Now I feel a little dumb for not getting out and back in, but I believe in the company big time.


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