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  1. Grab them by the nuts and squeeeeze.

  2. All of your Tendies now belong to us. Lol classic reference!

  3. Potato_Piss_PeePee

    πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸ›ΈπŸ›ΈπŸ›Έ space gang

  4. Excellent post – would it be asking to much for you to sacrifice another share to the market gods?

  5. Let’s ride this Gamma Wave past LEO straight to the moon.

  6. Sacrifice one more share to the space gods!

    Depoy the Tendies!

  7. Yeah I’ve been noticing some crazy 0tde rallies in the last 5-10min before market close. Baba, spy, mRNA… even a $2 change makes the premium go +700%.

    That gamma explanation makes sense now.

    Correction 2-3 strikes itm

  8. Scooping up some FDs at open.

  9. okayokayokay420

    Thank god you put the emojis I can actually read this

  10. The more ASTS you *squeeze,* the more space gods you shall pleaze.

    *Lock and load…*

  11. Now this is stellar content – entertaining, education and covers my largest position! LFG!

  12. I love you Kook.

    Great writeup, always excited to see you sharing more of your knowledge.

  13. Gimme tendies!!!!!!!!!!!😎

  14. Outrageous_Run7563


  15. Love reading your posts! Great explanation.

  16. In for 5000 lets fucking goooo πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  17. I’m in lets go to valhalla

  18. incase you apes brains missed that last part…

    #$6mil in ASTS

  19. Special-Wolverine

    Greeks we’re kinky AF… A space porn stock does seem like one that the Greeks would appreciate.

  20. Special-Wolverine

    Looks like they are desperately trying to keep it below $12.50, but when it is clear that that is a lost cause, they will move all their efforts to keeping the $15’s OTM. Today is going to be wild in ASTS

  21. Gamma to the promised land!

  22. Can anyone tell me, why I can’t buy this stock at my German broker? Comdirekt +scalable capital.

    It just says: not available

  23. Kook, you are a God among men.

  24. Someone please fill my Sep $12.50 calls for 10c!

  25. Tangysalamander

    ASTS why you not go up. Poke it with a stick

  26. choose_uh_username

    Got 30 calls at 22.50 expiring in October

  27. My god Kook, this is the perfect blend of humor and information. You should start writing children’s books! I’m buying!

  28. I’m in with 69 shares.

  29. frankslastdoughnut

    I straight up deployed my IRNT and OPAD tendies here without even seeing this because I’m long on the companies mission. If I accidently timed another squeeze I’m going to coom

  30. 10000 shares deep + LEAPS
    LFG!! πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

  31. β€œHere comes the squeeze” head ass

  32. FUCK IT!!! OP, You were down ~2.5M about a month ago?

  33. That 6 million is about to be 60 million after we’re done here 😎

  34. tightbrosfromwayback

    The thing that I never quite understand about these gamma squeeze plays is that they seem to assume that all of the calls that expire in the money will be exercised, thus forcing the MMs to buy a huge number of shares to deliver. But in actuality, doesn’t retail almost never exercise option contracts? It seems like the vast majority of the in the money calls are just being sold back to the MMs who are buying to close their short call positions. If anyone has any insight on this I would love to understand better or see what I’m missing.

    For the record, ASTS is by far my largest position, so obviously I’d love to see this happen, but I’m in it long term (inspired by one of OP’s earlier posts.)

  35. Got 2150 shares, let’s go

  36. Mhh no potential if a gamma squeeze, like wtf are you trying to convince people? There’s 40m shares in the public float. 1.3m shares in calls is nothing.

  37. Fighting for that $12.5, did my part.

  38. Hedges are going to fight hard to ladder it before $12.50 at close. Who wants to fight them with me?: can I get an ooo ooo ooo ahhh ahhh ahhh you apes?

  39. 2100 shares & 7 @ 10c jan/23 reporting in

    Help me 4k porn gods. The children of Africa must know of your glorious acts!


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