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  1. Psychological-Test89

    Now zoom out abit

  2. Meh, I’ll risk it, it’s only money right?

  3. i come to search for the daily discussion to tell the IRNT and OPAD boys to get out of there already and out those gains(and losses) into ASTS and GET ON BOARD WITH THE S P A C E M O B

  4. I support your supporting chart

  5. I just put in 1k so this bitch bouta drop im sorry guys

  6. Bought in this morning. Spending your last remaining savings on a moonshot pays off every time, right? …right?

  7. I put 500 in this and I’m up $6 already!!!!!! Zomg

  8. Dumped another load into it. Let’s moon! 🌚

    Edit: up 50% so far let’s gooo

  9. Would buy more, but would need to sell vintage porn collection to get the moolahs.

  10. >I looked in my crystal ball and it said ickythump cloud to the moon

    >lol look at my loss porn guys

  11. Well would you look at that. It hit 12.50. I have no idea what that means but op seems happy.

  12. I don’t read or write English very well, so I have to translate it to my native language:

    PleAsE huRRy and bUy mY sTocK nOW, liKe RiGHt tHis miNuTe, sO mY opTioNs doN”T eXpiRe WoRthless.

  13. unhitchedordadtrying

    It’s actually going to moon. This good. This real good

  14. We are above $12.50!!!!

  15. unhitchedordadtrying

    I’m on the bus

  16. unhitchedordadtrying

    I’m on the bus 🚀

  17. I like this one, has space in the name hur hur rocket brrrrrrr 🚀

  18. I’m blind, hope I’m on the right bus to the moon.

  19. What’s like the ideal exit?, still new to this.

  20. Won’t people just put up Helium 5G antennas using starlink internet?

  21. Right_Hand_Of_Kurze

    Figure this will fly a week or so before their launch in q1 of 2022. That is the upcoming catalyst. Not going to tie my funds up until the start of the year.

  22. TrickAntelope2807

    All in, what could go wrong

  23. 🦍 💎 🙌🏻 LFGO!!

  24. I don’t understand what you said but I’m in

  25. Alocasia_Sanderiana

    IMO looks like we need to break 13.25/13.30 for anything to hold. Doable tho

  26. choose_uh_username

    Thanks man took some small profit and have close to half my position still in, looking forward to some ripping

  27. 15 shares for $12.50 I’m in this bih

  28. Dont get me wrong, Ive been long on this play since the original porn by land, sea, and air DD. This is a long term play, do we want it jumping now, or we tryin to price the next 20 years in right now?

  29. I’m on the bus and not getting off till it runs out of freaking gas. Everyone on the bus will pay for more gas to keep the freaking thing going. The ride has just begun.

    20 is the bus number, the next bus to get on is 50!

  30. Apprehensive-Focus47

    question for yall – i have 2x 12.5 calls expiring today. does it make a difference if i exercise now, or wait until market close?

  31. ShitDontStink69

    Realistically, how high do you think it can go?

  32. Another pump and dump. Get off this train before y’all get killed

  33. Fuck it I’m in, every single stock I’ve put money into has been a loss for the most part. I guess I’m just a standard retard

  34. LivingWithWhales

    All my ITM calls just executed

  35. First time I made money in 6months

  36. Fair-Seaworthiness-9

    Predictions for Monday?

  37. Not that anyone cares but I manage to grab 20 9/17c12.5 on a limit order at .05 on the early dip. Hoping I cam grab some shares early Monday

  38. This is a long play for me, thankful for the recent dip so I could tripple my position

  39. I’m sold !! Bought some call option
    $20 expire Jan 21 , 2022. Let’s go !


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