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  1. International_Band72

    Let’s go baby we are ready to 🚀

  2. Thevirginofspace

    BODY is out to pay!

  3. Omg did you get so many rewards?

  4. Heck yea. Bought some a few days ago. Going to add more shares tomorrow. Stock is extremely undervalued

  5. Hopped in yesterday, $20+

  6. throwawaymyalias

    BODY has been heavily shorted.

    $10+ at the open tomorrow and shorts will be panic buying in order to cover.

  7. Bought calls today, already up 25%

  8. Time for the apes to leave a BODY on the 🌙 🚀

  9. I’m in Body let’s push it to $10+

  10. Nervous_Cannibal

    Body crazy, curvy, wavy

  11. I’d like to get back to 12 this month, kthanks!

  12. Yes $body go. I dropped $18k on it. Lets rocket

  13. Love the DD here. All in

  14. Body is going places.

  15. What a rotting carcass of a stock

  16. Dont you need some BODY to love?!???

  17. Loaded 19k shares! Lets go!

  18. It you buy right now expecting a squeeze. Worst case is it doesn’t squeeze and you hold a massively undervalued stock

  19. Not to be a Debby downer, but the last times those lines crossed, it popped up, then dropped.

    It just popped again, so isn’t the next thing going to be a drop?

  20. Been in since February, averaged down a few times, ready for the 🚀

  21. It’s an at home subscription workout service in an extremely overcrowded market with nothing revolutionary?

    Have fun. Pick something more interesting for the next pump and dump.


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