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  1. numbers, charts, jokes, but most importantly the confirmation bias I need

  2. Hoping that premarket volume drives up OPAD after this very rough after hours currently

  3. Amateur question.. does this mean if calls are ITM and exercised that the shares wonโ€™t be bought until after market close tomorrow? Driving price up after hours and into pre-market Monday?

  4. Doubled my account today and still holding for the real move tomorrow ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

  5. Yeah bro I hope so, but my 9/17 calls are burning

  6. Smoothbrain42069

    The volume on both stocks has been insane. The AH dump is probably to shake some dumb money off to keep price down so that not as many options expire in the money. Regardless this will still blow up tomorrow

  7. So pop ๐Ÿพ tomorrow huh?


  8. I forgot I put a limit buy on IRNT. Now Iโ€™m in double what I wanted to be. Nervous as fuck.

  9. This needed to be said for the paper hands. I shall post my own exp paper handing irnt

  10. xdylanxfrommyspace

    Ahh, thereโ€™s the TLDR.

    Aww fuck.

  11. Please tell me IRNT is going to 60 tmr…

  12. I thought this was gambling, didnโ€™t realize there was strategy to this.

  13. So does this mean itโ€™s a long or short? Iโ€™m confused

  14. The OI on the $45C on IRNT is outrageous. We need to close above all strikes a-la-GME the Friday before the squeeze.

  15. Fuck it, buying another 100 shares

  16. Currently 58k options are ITM if it closed above 40 tomorrow there will be over 70k options itm. That’s 7mil stocks if everyone exercises their options

  17. Saw similar moves (albeit early) with TMC and AGIL. Would be interesting to know if they are in a similar setup

  18. Holder of the option contract has the option, not obligation to exercise. What the post doesn’t explain is that a lot of participants have purchased call options due to these tickers being on WSB who have no intention of exercising the contract. When everyone wakes up tomorrow and sees the price tanking (or even going up) they’ll sell their call options thereby driving the price down. This happens all the time on Fridays for WSB pump/dumps.

    Heck I woke up on Wed to see the DD for the first time all over WSB and was suspicious. Bought in for calls for a day and was in/out within hours…

    If everyone actually exercised then that would promote a true squeeze but it’s unfortunately not very realistic given the lack of DD exposure on the subreddit. Most accounts on here don’t have thousands in cash to exercise the contracts purchased.

  19. This is the shit I live for

  20. Redditsuck-snow

    Hoping for a BTX type parabolic rise to the 70’s on OPAD.

  21. Needed this with my fifth glass of margarita.

    Add the Sanderson sisters (quad witching) itโ€™s gonna be a shit show. All of nothing on IRNT for tomorrow. 45C squad rise up

  22. Havenโ€™t felt this way since $GME, my life was a lot different back then and I get the same nostalgic feeling when I see this many people riding on a stock. Just wanted to say I love this community whatever happens with this play. Proving that when the little guys band together nothing can stop us. All love.

  23. BootyBruiser49620

    This will help me sleep tonight and prepare my asshole for the morning

  24. I’ll throw $500 at $OPAD because I’m poor, but you retards have never let me down before (somehow), even though the stonks I somehow made money on were shit like $CLOV lol.

    If it goes tits up I’ll sell at a loss and buy Wendy’s dumpster futures with whatever is left.

  25. “For the love of trading”

    Fuck it, I’m in.

  26. The fake sell off in AH for IRNT is coordinated. Now they have the bear bots posting FUD all night to scare people with that fat red -5.81 so there are panic sells in the AM.

  27. You may be right but you got one BIG THING WRONG
    Small Float + High SI% + High OI% + About to expire ITM does NOT equal Bananas ๐ŸŒ (bananas represent a descending chart )

    The correct answer is ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿš€

  28. Thank you for putting the time to write this. For you it might look like a small thing, but itโ€™s huge for me.

  29. GaryStaysOutside

    Iโ€™m on the opad short bus with the rest of you. Letโ€™s go.

  30. Yโ€™all some paperhands just hold

  31. This makes me still holding IRNT feel a little less retarded

  32. Where the fuck is the gamma squeeze. Losing my ass on these two today. My wifeโ€™s boyfriend will be angry if I donโ€™t bring home tendies.

  33. 9/24 $80 calls. Book it. Have a drink. See you on Monday.

  34. TheBeardedLady5

    So youโ€™re telling me I Should keep holding my 65 shares at $41 a pop? I ride the short bus to either the moon or to bankruptcy.

  35. Thanks I got reamed today


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