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  1. I feel like I’m the only poor one left on here

  2. Loaded up on SPY calls 9/22 9/24. Let’s get lit


    Do y’all think the Algos have become sentient yet?

    They’re probably talking to each other saying “yeah, let’s just hold these things until 3:45 and just let it rip when Robinhood closes the children’s positions”

  4. This is a great time to buy SPY calls imo…

  5. Rally incoming. Buy calls everyone SPY hitting 450 again next week.

  6. Buy SPY call option at end of day, thank me next week

  7. so ready for the weekend thread. sick of the doom and gloom from this week

  8. Shit Fuck Hour comin

  9. Almost done liquidating and moving my positions from the ghetto hood to webull. I feel like a girl who just started wearing a training bra; I still have no tits, but the padding feels nice.

  10. Going to Volta at least if it doesn’t squeeze the company is actually good and has value

  11. Come on SID… keep it moving!

  12. Someone share the sdc x amazon rumor news link please

  13. XOS and DOMA gonna be up double digits AH today. Bet.

  14. Ambitious_Source_902

    $ASTS Dd is so good

  15. Wsb bearish? Oh we closing above the 50 ema on the SPY

  16. Shorts increasing on SDC PLOP PLOP

  17. My SPY calls are literally plugging my asshole, right now

  18. Well looks like SDC isn’t going to hit $7 again today 🤷‍♂️

  19. Beginning to suspect you guys don’t understand the meanings of the word literal and free

  20. $NVDA below $220 to end the week? 😋

  21. AllTheDizzyPeople

    Start with $150. Trade for 30% gains 20 times so you can day trade. Easy peasy.

  22. How are my SPY calls priced lower than I paid, but I’m green? Kinda new at options.

  23. $TACO acquisition?😏


    I wonder if Robinhood closes calls before it closes puts. Would be genius to code it that way.

  25. 🧙 QUAD 🧙 WITCHING 🧙 HOUR 🧙

  26. SPY without stimmy = 300

    SPY with stimmy = 400

    SPY without stimmy + with stimmy hopes = 500

    is this correct?

  27. looking at the SPY 1 hour chart, scrolling back as far as you like, you’ll see this downturn doesn’t look like the rest

    girthiest red dildos I’ve ever seen lined up one after another

  28. Using all my IRNT puts gains to play SPY calls EOD.

    Green Monday incoming.

  29. My account is testings very positively toward the negative.


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