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  1. I got fucked I IRNT

    Is anything still happening on that or OPAD

  2. make_bread_not_war

    Retarded, not concerned.

  3. Just got assigned 1200 IRNT shares @ $38, already down 9K, but who’s concerned, not this guy (maybe my wife’s boyfriend). I’m not touching this rocket fuel.

  4. DD guy says he thinks the play is over. He also thought it would skyrocket today.

    I’m not going to believe him 100%, he could’ve been one or 2 days off. Next week will be the deciding factor.

  5. Otto_Von_Shekelberg

    All that really matters is short interest is over 50%, the price is much higher than when the shorts shorted, IV is high, public float is lowish, and the borrow rate is very high.

    Those things cause a gamma squeeze given time which can cause a full blown short squeeze.

    If IRNT stays above $25 it will put upwards pressure on it and the higher the greater the pressure. Those conditions really fuck option holders and force them to keep taking bad deals or suffer massive losses. Longer it lasts the more losses. Costs share holders nothing to hold.

  6. A fisherman shouldn’t worry about what a chef is going to do with his catch.

    Good night, and good luck.

  7. Now that everyone’s saying the play is over watch it skyrocket next week IRNT

  8. The Metal Chode fucked me.

  9. If TMC and IRNT do nothing Monday the plays are over for sure

  10. Really feel like I just got fucked in the ass with an iron dildo. Honestly tho I’m hype to see these go from rags to riches or end worthless at this point.

  11. Meh. These bags aren’t so heavy ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4275)

  12. the only people with losses are those who sold today… the rest of us are just down… The ortex numbers for $irnt still look really good… $tmc was a gamble and i’m down alot but hey we only lose when we sell and the casino will open again on monday…

  13. Still holding 14x IRNT $35c 2/18/22

    There’s a reason I bought longer dated. People who paper handed and original stonkgod DD can suck on my iron nuts.

    I don’t get why people are saying the play is over when SI only increased, and stock price remains higher than when the majority of shares were shorted.

    Overall marked tanked dampened buying. I’m gonna hold my calls until at least Wed.

  14. Bought a shit lot of FMC at $9 sold calls yesterday that expire worthless today


  15. Wild-Gazelle1579

    I said it yesterday to everyone here. That sell off AH yesterday was a really bad sign that today would be low volume, on top of Fridays being low volume. If that sell off didn’t happen, it would have traded sideways at the very least.

  16. Can we form a little IRNT support comment thread.

    Fucking pussies selling, calling it over when no one knows 100% for sure. We’ll see what happens next week with continued short interest, high fees, and price action.

    Otherwise keep your head up. Go have a fun weekend.

    Didn’t sell shit.

  17. Now that all raisin nutsack paper hands are out, the iron chads wait until next week & see their investment quadruple

  18. My avg is $43, I’m sad. 😞 still holding but idk why

  19. Someone do a jihad on these derka derkas

  20. Professional-Trash55

    I can’t be a bagholder if the calls expire worthless.

  21. TMC looking to bounce back up

  22. Picking up a few shares of $irnt in AH. Next week is a new week. Hopefully enough people go Full Happy Jack on Monday on.

  23. Can you find the AH action on TMC?

  24. Big week everyone! Made a bunch of unrealized gains and lost a bunch of actual money. Same time next week?

  25. curiousprovisions

    We need a case study on the “Daily Popular Tickers Thread”….

    Seriously, I need to know. This sub needs a PPP loan, stat!

  26. I blacked out for a bit. What did I miss?

  27. Anyone else feel like TMC should be a $50+ stock

  28. Vote_for_my_party

    Remember remember the 24th of September…
    The oil barrel treason should stop…
    I know of no treason….
    why the oil barrel treason should ever be stopped…
    China, china it was thier intent…
    To roll thier own barrels and fuck the OPEC….

    Three score barrels of oil below….
    To prove ancient China’s intent for OPEC to overthrow…
    By my gods providence I had to catch…
    A candle for a home with no power but a match 🕯…

    Holla boys holla boys let the margin call ping….
    For the oil barrel drop, china is the king…..

  29. OPAD October 14th after hours EARNINGS!!


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