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  1. In for 1000 shares fuck it bro

  2. crayonstuckinbrain

    Well retarded blind let’s go!

  3. Buying OTM options for your cake day

  4. You forgot rockets boi here you go πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  5. This sounds retarded. Im all in

  6. I’m in and we are running!

  7. Another short squeeze…. Yay.

  8. 5 Oct 10c calls. Why not.

  9. In for 1000 shares no clue what the company even does

  10. Count me in for 2,000 shares

  11. its a mini IRNT,ill take it

  12. I like it. πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  13. allinonworkcalls

    10k in oct calls let’s go

  14. Psychological_Use_60

    Doma dick fit in ur mouth? Fuck it I’m in πŸš€

  15. Bought some shares πŸ€·πŸš€

  16. Joined you with 7 calls on the 10$ strike. Apes strong together!

  17. crayonstuckinbrain

    5300% comment increase on $DOMA 🌝 πŸš€

    3n + 1 = (2^l) *k with k = 2j+1

  18. Might be the first time I get in early.

  19. Doma is a highly undervalued company. They own patents to a ton of machine learning algorithms that are going to disrupt the real estate industry. Basically they allow for closing on mortgages to happen way faster with their instant underwriting platform. Also the clients they are sealing up are promising.

  20. Bought 100. Your all fucked now dropped .20 instantly.

  21. Just fact checked this, 85 % of the shares were redeemed, so 5.1M shares are left in the float. The float according to yahoo is also just 3.9M. Short Ratio meanwhile at 7.5! ~4M Shares are short, so thats almost 100% of the whole current float. Nice! Its tanking right now so I will get in when I see a reversal.

  22. just got in at 8! Hoping for a nice bounce

  23. Didn’t read DD, bought calls. Strapping in for the ride.

  24. In for 1200 shares! Despac plays, so hot right now!

  25. Bought 0DTE OTM calls. Brilliant right?

  26. Damn, I have been singing “DOMA arigoto Mr. Roboto” since making this bet

  27. chickenhunter007

    Going full retard

  28. The next one of you who provides DD based on **self reported** short interest needs to be banned.


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