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  1. IRNT Is still a tremendously great play – buy it.

  2. More than likely just a miscalculation of the float by whoever provides the float data to Ortex.

    Capital IQ states that the float is 36M shares: [](

    The shares that are locked are already excluded from the float as you can see from the picture.

  3. UnderstandingLoud542

    All the confirmation I need

  4. Is this another short squeeze story?

  5. its up 139% in the last 5 days…i think the short squeeze is in process or over.

  6. Fuck it, this ape is sold

  7. Yrmomcallsmedaddy

    Lockup ends Monday, it’s going to dump, sell by noon.

    Edit: let this be a lesson, don’t get hammered and start shir posting online. As I did.

  8. Volume was 60M shares traded today and average has been 17M shares. Even with HFT, I don’t see that as a reasonable number on only 1.3M float. I am thinking you miscalculated how much float is truly available.

  9. Someone just tell me which call to buy to become rich.

  10. They traded the float 50 times today? Seems sus

  11. The play was for this week not next and it’s not a short squeeze either

  12. TD Ameritrade is showing 84 million shares.

  13. Did the short interest increase from 760K to 6 million in a few week period? If that is true, they are trying desperately to hedge calls or suppress price action. It’s looks like a good indicator for the price volatility we want. I’m still in. I hear next week there will be a lot of buying pressure when they have to deliver exercised in the money calls. I don’t think this has popped off like some penny- scrounging daytraders think. They’re trying to keep price down to scare retail away from jumping in. We can see that with the way they lowered the price after hours. They couldn’t do it during regular trading hours. I think they’re cornered, but we’ll see in next coming trading days.

  14. Nervous_Cannibal

    Welp down 14% after hours…

  15. Let me speak for everyone when I say


  16. READ THE EDITS EVERYONE. Seems a bit risky for now. Holding a call, might buy another. But please be advised. This is not financial advice, I just like the stock a little bit less

  17. I literally stared at the 1 min chart all day. I can confirm that 300kish volume pump and dumps occured. Twice. This tells me there aren’t that many shares in the float. Volume that tanked it after hours was only 15k. Im just a low life diesel mechanic that has a GC license. I can add. With that in mind im still in and im not fkin leaving.

  18. I see bag holders all commenting

  19. S3 analytics (Ihor) shows <2% SI . Hmmm

  20. Yeah this and Opad have some of the best setups for sure. I have 1k in shares for both and a few oct calls left in IRNT. this isn;t over

  21. ExaminationNo2804

    Can anyone point to exactly the day/time the shares get released? Been hard to find

  22. ExaminationNo2804

    I’m jacked, cheap 0dte options today, also buying shares!


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