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  1. Pretty tempted to buy this big dip in PM

  2. Confirmation bias: β˜‘οΈ

    OP has reliably made good stuff before: β˜‘οΈ

    As a direct result of OP I have profited: β˜‘οΈ

    Fuck it. Buying the dip.

  3. Just what I needed to see

  4. OP literally made me $20k this week, I’ll follow his lead like a lost pup on this play till the end..

  5. I was up 100% yesterday cause of OP, ready for more moon rocket

  6. fuckthesuitshard

    Was up an insane amount at closing (for me anyway) and HELD. One more day baby, get over $20 and Gamma Gamma here we come!

  7. Confident_Weird3353

    Bc maa chud gayi is stock me

  8. Grabbed a couple more calls because I can.


  10. The opportunity here is unreal crazy float

  11. looks like it found it found the place to hold on now only up from here

  12. 15.50 x 1000 my body is ready for ascension πŸ’Έ

  13. Bought the dip a little early but In at 16.64

  14. Holding and buying the dip for me today. Not even thinking about selling till next week at the earliest

  15. I panic bought at the tippity yesterday like a tardo. this bitch needs to get to the moon

  16. Hell, if you can trade ah your good to go – bought in yesterday at 17, flipped at 21, bought back in at 17.50 today and looking to flip again.

    Money money money

  17. Let’s ride this bitch 🎒

  18. My ex-wife’s boyfriend left me a grocery list, but it just says:

    β€œBuy dip”

  19. ZealousLittleBear1

    /u/mattmattdamon i think im going in for more contracts

  20. Someone assure monke monke stressed🦍🦧🦧🦧

  21. Op any update from your end?

  22. From +100% to -25%. I’ll never learn.

  23. Opad is still too early those with shares will be awarded next week.

  24. I’ll never learn :). Coulda taken my quick 24hr profits yesterday at noon… instead I’m a greedy muhfuh

  25. I’m not mad about this PnD because fuck this guy worked hard for it. quality memes quality DD. Really tgis gentlemeny deserves it. Seriously high on the spectrum this one.

  26. I first bought OPAD in early Sept because I like the company. It is a competitor to OPEN and Zillow. I think it has a great future and is undervalued relative to its peers.

    Then came the gamma squeeze and it went to 16 and I didn’t sell and watched it go all the way down to 9. This old granny has diamond hands, and I held on, but I sold it at 16 yesterday for a 60% gain.

    Right now it has done a classical 61.8% Fib retracement from the 9 low to the 21 high yesterday, so I bought it back at 13 today. As I said I like the company, even without the gamma squeeze. That stuff is just gravy.

    See you boys at the top!

  27. So if last week it shot up past 16 and then dropped, yet it still pumped past 20 after, is there any thesis for that being possible again?


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