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  1. Curious-Interest-734

    Easily the best play now given the foresight.

  2. Slowly adding PSFE every couple of weeks

  3. Still bag holding but the momentum seems to be picking up

  4. Emotional-Most-1933

    Hope your right. I’m bag holding big time.

  5. Extension_Let_530

    Okay fine… I will add more… this post made me wanna add more. Done ✔️

  6. Can confirm I pay my prostitutes with PayPal so it’ll probably take off

  7. Humble_Search_9263

    I got money in PWR atm and thinking of swapping

  8. I’m in you son of a bitch!! Added a limit order @8.20 for 300 shares…

  9. One day, we’re going to wake up and realize holding was worth it and wish we bought more… Until then, chewing the old finger nails. Up to 1,700 shares and down like 4-5k. I’ve got limit orders lined up if the price gets pushed down. Long and strong.

  10. Redditsuck-snow

    Good write up. . . Will do some more DD. Like the chart. . . .Earnings 10/29 before open.

  11. I remember some guy on CNBC was saying it will tripple when the SPAC was trading at around 18. If they are next PYPL or SQ why they chose the SPAc route I wonder.

  12. It’s the pipe lockup selling I think and it’s not over yet if I remember correctly

  13. I think after Friday it will start to creep back up. Being held down for options in my opinion…

  14. I’m a huge pay safe fan

  15. 300 shares at a 12.08 average… will continue to average down when I can I ain’t losing conviction

  16. Adding every few weeks. Over 1k shares now. I’ll sell this when I’m dead.

  17. Horror_Wolverine916

    Long AF. Not a WSB stock. Post should be removed.

  18. manofthesheeple47

    I keep adding shares and LEAPs while it’s at this price, seems like free money. In Foley we trust.

  19. Well done fellow $PSFE Bull

  20. I’m in deep since SPAC days

    Aka holding very heavy bags

  21. I am long on psfe too. But don’t know how long it will take for this to launch. Am guessing maybe until next earnings

  22. AllweatherInvestor


    What the heck… I’m buying both!

  23. $14Bag holder reporting

  24. 150 at $8.93. Slowly adding more each day.

  25. Your google link shows a Q2 EPS miss which is inaccurate. See yahoo which shows Q2 EPS beat.

  26. You forgot to mention that biggest bookmaker in the world, bet365, has dropped all paysafe services from their website.

    Also, starting Sept 14, paysafecard is now required to make a live identification of the bettor who wants to use their cards to deposit to any bookmaker which makes the cards useless as they were being used in bulk for bought accounts/underage bettors.

    My affiliate income from Paysafe products dropped more than 90% in last 6 months, Skrill is now blocking accounts right and left and not allowing people to withdraw from ATM’s, yet somehow they should be in best position to takeoff? I smell bullshit.

  27. Their iGaming revenue is growing very fast, around 60% iirc

  28. holding 2000 shares @ 11.4$
    And I am going to keep holding for at least 5/6 years

  29. 2000 shares at $10.03 blended, my biggest holding in my portfolio, cashed out my entire IRNT windfall yesterday and doubled my PSFE position averaging down

  30. Now is the perfect time to start a position. The upside is so high compared to the downside. Anything under $9 is easily a buy. I think in the short term (1 year) a fair price target is around $14 (until the stat sheet shows the growth we know they are having, no worries there we just need to see it).

    The upside outweighs the downside by a lot, really good buy right now.

  31. At these levels – high floor. High ceiling. Good combo.

  32. The-Night-Raven

    What the hell, picked up some shares and Oct & Nov 10 dollar calls this afternoon.

  33. PSFE is defo a great long term hold! Not much down side at this price, I’m going to add more when I can!

  34. Stock!!?? You son of a bitch I’m in for 2K shares. Let’s go

  35. What betting sites use paysafe


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