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  1. I didn’t read it, but when I saw you typing in Greek, I believed it.

  2. CaptainPlanet4U

    mac d just turned over rsi looking blah blah. LFG!

  3. Did he just toss trig at a bunch of retarded apes?… cause thatd be retarded. Lol

  4. duplicatesnowflake

    All these de-SPACs are going to dump huge once people realize most of the ITM options sold back today just get cancelled out and not exercised.

  5. fuckthesuitshard

    If gamma squeeze is your specialty, would love to get your opinion on OPAD this next week or so. Thank u in advance.

  6. WSB doesn’t understand the market? Color me shocked.

  7. “Implied Moneyness.” Great term! 👍

  8. Routine_Bill_2860

    What about being on the threshold list and the insane borrowing fees?

  9. It’s still going to cause a large upswing if it closes at that price but probably not as massive as some are saying.

  10. I have no idea what I just read, just hope it means my $25 calls that expire on 10/15 still has a chance to get up as high as they were yesterday

  11. I’ve been trying to tell people this. Same thing happened with GME, everyone was screaming that it would explode after the weekend and it tanked.

  12. Good post. I can’t believe these idiots still don’t understand delta hedging. The “gamma squeeze” happens before expiration, not after. That’s them hedging!!!!!!!!

  13. Like I’m gonna trust you over some 19 year old that snorts crushed crayons!!!1!


  14. steve272738389291

    Aren’t options automatically exercised if they are in the money or ATM?

  15. Retartedinvesments

    Shutup just tell me what calls to buy

  16. Great post. IRNT has 804% hard to borrow fee today, implying rediculous short interest.

    The calls for this week seem to be done but next week gets really interesting as there is still massive short interest and a 92% reduction in float, and next week is the last week to squeeze before the warrants become effective.

    Squeeze is still on.

  17. Isn’t 500k still a huge number? You seem bullish still

  18. Wow someone who said something that makes sense. You might be in the wrong sub.

  19. Interesting and informative.

    Question: Does open interest on options only take into account options written by market makers or does it also include calls and puts written by retail investors?

  20. GoingBallzDeepNATUK

    Just saved me £66k ty

  21. I read the entire post and most of the comments. Since you predicted GME, what are you predicting for IRNT?

    Will this hit 45 again? 60? Is it dead now?

  22. Pretty sure the more it goes up, the more underlying MMs have to buy. Hence Gamma squeeze.

  23. Thanks for poring cold water on my dreams dude. Solid explanation. Much appreciated. I got out of IRNT yesterday.

  24. Like I fucking care just tell me where to invest in

  25. Completely agree with everything you said here. So you think this play is dead? Any chance of resurgence next week or should I dump my shares now (~$24 cost)

  26. Oh god, holding at 36.50

  27. Alright. I pulled out finally. It was a good run. On to ASTS

  28. Hey, thanks for the info. Do you happen to know any reliable informative source that’d cover how this actually works?

  29. Thanks op. Based on recent post seems all SPACs are gonna short squeeze. If something sound too good to be true it probably is

  30. “However there are posts like this, this, and this gaining traction clogging up my feed and they’re so fucking wrong it’d be criminal if it wasn’t ignorance.”

    I feel this way about all these trash stocks that get dangerously thrown around on here.

  31. Little late on this homie. Ppl already lost $

  32. Yep, i dont wana kill peoples hopium but the last few days have been a bagholders nightmare tbh. I hope they will pay attention here

  33. I instinctively disbelieve anyone who says the word squeeze in their DD now. But your post is like a dd on DD. So it’s probably legit.

  34. So you’re telling me I just spent my life savings on stocks that I know nothing about other than some random retard on reddit told me it would go up, and that retard was wrong? Shit

  35. So basically you are saying…. we are retarded?

  36. Thanks for this explanation. How common are gamma squeezes and what are signs we should look for in order to validate a related DD

  37. GodSmokedCheapCigars

    Can you explain the premarket/aftermarket gap is that we saw the past two days? Was that purely from hype?

  38. building-block-s

    MMs always hedge for maximum pain

  39. Thanks for posting this. Do you mind shedding light on VLTA and if there is a similar case which was described?

  40. OP is going long on UPST. I’ve been doing the same. The only stock I like rn

  41. Where you get your smarts OP? You seem highly educated in this matter.

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