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  1. Already in! I hope your DD is correct! Haha let’s roll

  2. So you are saying when we close above 6.5 or 7 tomorrow realistically shorts are in a bad position? What type of squeeze are we thinking? Above 30?

  3. --BlueDiamond--

    Solid write-up… of course, I sold earlier today. So I get to be jealous and watch you all.

  4. kinderhooksurprise

    Saw your other posts at added at 6. Come on MM let this one break out.

  5. I’m guessing this post is going to stay up? The AH moves aren’t big relatively speaking, but given how pinned to $6 this stock has been it definitely makes tomorrow and next week a lot more interesting

  6. I have a good feeling about this one

  7. PlzTeslaMakeMeRich

    SDC 🚀🚀🚀🚀 lets hope we win the battle tomorrow for a 6+ close

  8. Drgreenthumbies

    Bought a few $6 calls cheap earlier this week for my stack of weeklies on a whim. Sold today and flipped into $6 for next week👍

  9. Somehow this post reads like a conspiracy theory. For that reason I am in.

  10. starbucknstonks

    Small Dick club members. I love you all

    🥕CEO of small dick club

  11. I am already balls deep in SDC but You sound like you You know what you are talking about. For that reason I will load up more at market open.

  12. Squeeze them Small Ducks squeeze them harder than you’ve ever squeezed before!!!!!!

  13. Portable speaker with great bass recommendations?

  14. jack-of-all-trades1

    I don’t know what this guy said but I trust you bro

  15. AmericanRoadside

    I am so hard right now. I hope you liked the gifts.

  16. AmericanRoadside


  17. AmericanRoadside

    Why dis not on social media? Yo

  18. I been SDCing since y’all were young lads. See y’all on the other side of this inevitable pump and dump

  19. Got in at $6 for 100 shares. Let it go 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  20. I’m doubling down if that’s the case. I’ll flash some ass if SDC breaks $7 tomorrow.

  21. i have over 8k realized loss on it right now.. my average was above 10. those fukers kept shorting this to the oblivion.. might as well get 10k shares tomorrow to make it all back!

  22. This thing will close below 7. They can’t afford to let it go over. And They always win… we’ve seen it time and time again…I hope I’m wrong but I’ve sat back too many times looking stupid watching em beat the shit out of these stocks at day end to avoid getting stuck.

  23. bestdealsforreals

    Only way for this to close above $6.5 is if we buy shares, not options. Let’s go! 🚀🚀🚀

  24. What are the chances this will open above 7? We’re almost half-way there in premarket

  25. buying 200 shares at open

  26. Bag holder at $11 please come get me…

  27. Understood about half of this, buying some calls this morning!

  28. This thing should run today.

  29. Green_Lantern_4vr

    MM have no power on SDC. They don’t want to be associated with small dick company.

  30. Fun_Accident_9689

    Another loser stock that will lose u money. Good luck to those that bought in.


  32. AmericanRoadside


  33. Look at the 4pm volume bar — 3M shares? WTF?

  34. IntegrableEngineer

    This guy fucks. $SDC to the moon


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