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  1. Great write up. This is good work. I’ve looked into the deals they’ve signed and it’s major revenue. If this guy did it with Cheniere $LNG and they are now $90+ a share, it’s worth an investment. Cheniere shot up to $80 after they announced FID too. Definitely a money maker and Souki is proven. Awesome write up.

  2. I’m heavily invested in tell as well good write up

  3. Thank you for posting! Tellurian is a great growth stock!

  4. I have no idea what any of this means so I put in an order this morning to buy 2000 shares at market price. Pretty sure the amount still available on my HELOC will be enough for that.

  5. Fluffy_Foot_8661

    The potential for this to 🚀is strong. Once FID is announced this is a 10x-20x banger

  6. 4$ calls expiring in 2024

  7. I’m retarded – what’s the TL;DR?

  8. Awesome resume, thanks E-garr!


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