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  1. Tmrw should be interesting

  2. papalongstrokee69

    I’m 33k shares deep. Let’s ride

  3. mateo_the_taxman

    So buy puts tomorrow?

  4. I’m in! Not much, but I bought for market open.

  5. Aren’t there on going lawsuits for SDC, I’m gonna buy anyway. But…

  6. 100 shares β€œdeep”.

  7. I don’t like the company so I won’t invest in it ok?

  8. It’ll take some time for a squeeze! But let’s gooπŸ¦πŸš€

  9. motorboatingurmom

    They are the “faygo” of the at home liner business

  10. I have been trading SDC since March 2020. It’s ALWAYS been under short attacks. It used to ride above 50% SI til January when GME scared tf outta them.

  11. Bought $6.50 calls right before close that expire today πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  12. International_One906

    I’m in SDC. Let’s go.

    Dentist make way too much from invisalign. Plastic tray should not cost $6k.

  13. Adding more now. Lfg

  14. Thanks for the info! u/mrturtlegive 1000


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