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  2. Post positions you old grandpa ass bitch.

  3. Added this to watchlist 🙂

  4. Yes, you can win in two ways with this. An very good long term hold and the deSPAC squeeze potential with the tiny float due to the ~90% redemptions!

  5. Great simple DD. Deserves more attention.

  6. Agreed. Said yesterday the irnt play was over and this and XOS are next

  7. money2feedmadaughter

    Sold. I’m in for some shares.

  8. money2feedmadaughter

    What was with the big run up on it yesterday though?

  9. Yeezus_aint_jesus

    Celebrite is extremely necessary in digital forensics. I’m an indirect competitor with them. They have the entire LE/ fed sector by the balls and keep raising the price. Electronic crimes aren’t going anywhere. Didn’t even know they were public. Im going in balls deep

  10. As a forensic investigator I did buy some of these shares.
    Mainly more crime > more Cellebrite units > more officer needing training buying the Cellebrite certifications they mainly need to testify in court.

    Yes they dominate the market now. The main issue is there is no one to turn to for now so most customer who leave do to the price come back the next few months when they need to get into a device only cellebrite can do the extraction on. On private sector side you off that cost to the customer.

    Magnet forensic is moving into the mobile forensic game slowly with the GrayKey device. This gives Cellebrite a few years to grow before Magnet takes over their customers.

  11. noob question, what are warrants and how do i buy them, especially for this stock?

  12. great dd, im in for some shares monday morning


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