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  1. fuck that’s some air tight TA

    well bois time to pack it up, party is over.

    SPY $0 EOY.

    It was fun while it lasted ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)

  2. Lol. I could draw 40 other trend lines that would make this look bullishπŸ₯΄ TA is for RE’s

  3. AlertConsideration95

    Lol let the bear posts begin. Bear life must really suck.

  4. There was a different line before that line. The market went below that line. Like…way below it. That ended up being a pretty good time to buy.

  5. Goodbye SPX … Hello SPXS (3x bear S&P500). I’m hoping SPXS hits 28 or higher by 10/15. I’m balls deep in SPXS $18/$28 Bull Put Spreads.

  6. anachronofspace

    why don’t you load up on puts and post a yolo then?

  7. Goodbye SPX, long live RUT!


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