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  1. Terrible_Equal5878

    Psx psxp cop thinking about MRO and CPE

  2. CVE & SU (Canadian Oil)

    Opex is extremely low from the last 6 years of oppressed oil prices causing them to drive efficiency as the number 1 priority. Assets have been diversified a lot as well to capture upstream and downstream returns as well as other markets. Profits are already booming and I think we can expect buybacks and large dividend increases to start by years end.

  3. ObergrupenfuhrerChar

    When yall were pumping urainum did anyone notice the house bill to ban Nat gas power plants by 2030? Its all talk, but… maybe thats where that came from. I trade euros and gold, and with taper dollar appears it will get stronger not weaker. Against euro there was some kind of manufacturing data blah blah blah too retarded for all that dd shiz. But my point, I would agree it should go up, especially if market crashes but at what point will demand drive it down. I think an improved dd would look at dollar 2008-2012 and consider what happens when the bubble pops. Also, can we sustain more money printing, if you think yes, then taper is out the window and inflation will be king of oil. Consider oil companies may do poorly when everything does poorly, even with “expensive oil.” I hate futures, I trade them sporadically, there are so many variables out of your field of vision. and expirations and dates are variable.

    tldr; govt weakens dollar oil goes moon, companies maybe not! govt make dollar strong oil company and oil price goes to earth. I trade futures. sometimes.


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