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  1. AppearanceFar1449

    Remind me on 9/30

  2. SlothInvesting1996

    Another promise of market crash coming and yet I am still waiting

  3. UncleSamsSon_1961

    Do we still lose money? This is the way

  4. Why give a bearish thesis on red days? A crash indicator should be presented on green days.

  5. who let Lenny from of mice and men give financial advice

  6. icantfindanametwice

    Literally pointless to allow these crash posts unless the person actually bought securities to reflect said opinion. Going cash isn’t a position, it’s opting out of any position; therefore your opinion isn’t worth what I just scrapped off my shoes buddy.

  7. I predict a market crash EVERY day!!! Im gonna be right!

  8. All patterns are strong indicators until they arent anymore. Its with stonks the same as woth football or soccer how you call it over the big ocean. This and that team never lost against the other team in that stadium, or this and that team never played to 0 and so forth. Or always when I was in stadium my team never lost. Same with stonks. Until the pattern breaks.

    Tldr: All streaks break, its statistics, apes together strong![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)🥤🚀

  9. Yield curve inversion would like a word

  10. Normally people pay me to figure out why investment ideas are retarded but lucky for you, your wife already took care of that.

    [Here’s a screenshot of my 5 minute backtest](

  11. Look to the fed if the 10 year starts to rise very quickly it will be the start of the correction but we haven’t seen a catalyst yet to set everything spiraling. This is only my opinion there are probably lots of indicators but this is what I look at.

  12. Of all bear market theories I’ve seen over the past months since this one takes the cake as the most baseless and nonsensical. Try using actual TA patterns that traders act on.

  13. carsonthecarsinogen

    Yea because the market never seems bearish in September

  14. Okay is anyone watching this sell volume right now on /ES?? Might be wise to trim some long here …

  15. You’re not wrong, really. If September closes red and you post puts here people will laugh at you for buying puts after it’s already down. They do the same when you buy calls while the market is green. Following the trend is just the easier trade but seems many here prefer the crystal ball.

    The time to have puts is when it doesn’t make sense to have anything other than puts. The rest of the time it’s either a hedge or a total waste of $.

  16. giovannigiannis

    Isn’t October the month that USA stocks pull back? Based on historical trends since the Roman era.

  17. anachronofspace

    back to your hidey-hole, quad witch is over

  18. ZealousidealSecret4

    Y’all think it’s fun & games, but this shit is gonna crash


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