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  1. This run is almost at its end imo, the calls are too expensive to get an attractive return if it runs more.

  2. Bullish pennant forming. Calls aren’t bad still. Could be the next IRNT👀.

  3. StayingInTheMoney

    I think this breaks out over the weekend. Bought some cheap OTM calls in case it blows up

  4. Fit_Cryptographer392

    “PIPE is also locked up for (if i can read an s-4 correctly) the earlier of either five years, or when the share price is over $13, $16, $19, and $22 (25% unlocked at each) for 20 days out of a 30 day period. This has not occurred and I don’t believe it will within the “squeeze period.””

    Couple points we should clarify for above

    – I’m assuming this is based on the closing price of SPIR right?

    – Are “20 days” business days or trading days?

    – Do shares get freed right after those “20 days” are filled?

    If yes – October options expire on 15th, since we crossed $13 today for the first time, and if we stay over $13, 20 trading days would mean Oct 15th. This may relieve some pressure off of MMs knowing shares will get freed. Going above $13 starting on next Monday~Wednesday would actually be IDEAL for the squeeze.

    If no – Then we’re more than ready to send this to the moon.

    Any thoughts? Thank you in advance. u/crazydoodlej2 u/jn_ku u/pennyether u/repos39


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