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  1. I just got in TMC for next weeks activities 🟢

  2. I got out with a 500% return on IRNT held my shares, I’m in on VLTA calls, TMC calls and shares, and I’m in on OPAD shares.. hedging my own shit and diversified.. let’s GO

  3. I dont think were even able to squeeze these hedge funds this de-spac price action seems to just be from buyers and not shorts covering maybe I just have a tin foil hat on but I thought this video was pretty interesting on how were getting gamed. The amount of FTDS are ridiculous and HF just pays the fines instead of actually delivering. Anyone have thoughts on this?

  4. Noxious_Storage_

    Nah bro just LILM

  5. Well I have shares of all three of them (opad, tmc and irnt) and will wait to see what happens next week

  6. You optimistic cause you are a bagholder

  7. Omg stop trying to fuck people over because you’re holding bags. This shit ain’t happening, TMC, irnt, they’re done. Just move on to the next pump opportunity someone told you about, and start shilling.

  8. I had a trigger on irnt at 31 ask that executed at 33.50 ask (according to tos) so SOMEONE had a much lower ask set presumably to try to drive it down. Definitely some aggressive MM or HF efforts going on

  9. NoEducation8251

    Fuck that bleeding money im out. Damnnnnnnn. Opad and tmc went down in flames fast.

    Not trying to baghold these stocks at -70% or whatever the bottom is gonna be. Maybe buy back in later but for now, diamond hands are a joke when stock is in free fall.

  10. hamberder_burglar

    This has been my best option trading week of my life, getting on these De-Spac PnDs early. But I got out of everything yesterday right before close, because this outcome just felt so predictable.

    I really think if you don’t get into these PnDs in the first hour or so, you run too much risk of being a bagholder.. Get in, capture that initial pump, and pass your bags to someone else as you leave.

    My only regret is that I generally bought October expiries, when I really should have just bought 9/17s. But I’m not that ballsy yet.

  11. So you think retail is going to exercise their options?

  12. >I’m sure some of you paper handed some great opportunities

    Or how about this: some people sold with a guaranteed profit of 100-500% instead of banking on some fairy tale ape DD that likely won’t go the way you think leaving the “diamond hands” bag holding

  13. Anyone have a clue what a share of $TMC is worth through fundamentals alone?

  14. Ok_Strategy7611

    If have the money and the plan is to exercise the options, why not just go ahead and buy the shares without losing the premium?

  15. MM have figured out that you need to aggressively add higher strikes in these situations now. When you have the combined short and gamma squeeze, you can break through, but the high short interest on despacs is deceiving because the shorts are already covered.

    You’re going to waste a bunch of money exercising options btw, you’re giving up all time and vol value. Better to just sell the option and buy 100 shares unless you can actually make more from exercising…

  16. Ok_Cartoonist6749

    Did you see the SUNL short float? Can anyone look into it and let me know if this has any chance of squeeze play?


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