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  1. CLF should be an easy ride to $25

  2. Inflation concern is a myth for the USD. It only exists for the non-world currencies.

  3. Does CLF have ties to China? Metal price, business etc?

  4. >This share price is roughly pricing in HRC at $600 a ton

    source? and their sp is up 250% in the last year (and 200% since before covid), it would seem that some of this is priced in.

  5. halfbakedfuckwit

    93% of the general population are ignorant of economics, monetary policy, trading, investing and more or less everything in general.

  6. “Because of this mistaken belief, every market in the world is mispricing trillions of dollars worth of assets but I know better!”

  7. So buy stock in Grocery Outlet is what you’re saying?

  8. TL;DR Yolo into SPY calls

  9. Dreadknight1337

    All I know is I’m pissed about the price of bacon.

  10. forcedaspiration

    All stonks are a hedge against inflation. Lb for lb they are the best. Holding cash is the worst idea in inflationary times. That guy who wanted to buy freezer full of meat a while back before they prices shot up was on to something.

  11. 93 % of americans don’t know what inflation is so this stat seems like a lie or an absurd sample was used

  12. I got caught up making pew pew pew noises and never read anything

  13. There’s no way 93% of the population knows what inflation is

  14. PunishedMedlock

    Using 93% of the population to prove inflation is coming and disregarding the 7% who’ve taken any 300 level econ class is peak WSB

  15. What the fuck is coco melon have to do with cleveland

  16. It’s because CLOs and derivatives market is up. The market doesn’t reflect the economy but when it does we’re mega fuckt

  17. Sorry to burst your bubble but everyone already knew about this since mid 2020. Lol or maybe I’m just one of the few that already saw this and it’s more or less priced in 🤷🏻‍♂️

  18. “The market doesn’t reflect it”… Look at the real estate market and stock market. Look beyond the CPI

  19. No-Reaction-9364

    I feel like people go into things like gold or commodities not just with inflation but if they think an economic downturn is coming. I think inflation is happening from money printing but that the economy outside of covid is fundamentally strong. I am throwing all my money into large cap growth index funds currently.

    You mention CLF but iron ore prices were up due to China’s demand due to high steel output (they produced more steel than all other countries combined). China cut their steel output which reduced the value of iron ore by less than half. It is projected to be valued at about 1/3 its May valuation by 2022. Inflation isn’t the only thing that determines somethings value. Supply and demand is still king.

  20. I’m going to say 93% of people probably just repeat what the news is saying on matters they do not understand.

  21. So what are good bets? I’m willing to bet that those in charge are wrong, and we win win regardless. No inflation – good for us. Yes inflation – I win on stocks.

  22. Also can someone tell me what $CLF actually does? I see it tossed around alot, but I’m too degenerate to read the filings.

  23. calmfitterhealthier

    If you really believe that severe persistent inflation is about to occur, you should get all of the low interest fixed rate debt that you possibly can (cash out refi your house for max allowable; enable portfolio margin and then sell a huge box spread to get cash into your brokerage account), and then you could make large, levered bets on USD weakening, or you could short bonds, or as you noted, you could bet on commodities and miners.

    If you’re right, you’ll make gobs of money, and if you’re wrong, you’ll some karma on some sweet loss porn. There’s no risk.

  24. Don’t trade on polls of Americans. Most Americans are fucking stupid. They probably thought inflation was inflammation and are worried their joints.


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