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  1. Ill-Bandicoot648

    For the people by the people

  2. Responsible_Put_5201

    No, because most of them are probably just people trying to scrape a living, the problem is the people making the calls to short a company >100% of its shares.

  3. Hedge fund boss here. Wait until the honeymoon phase is over. We sure to put you in the back of Wendy’s giving special task for our clients.

  4. LegalHelpNeeded3

    Ha! Fucking nerd, I drive an **18** year old civic.

  5. eatmyshortsscrub

    Fuck em from the Inside;)

  6. How much did they pay you to post this?

  7. I wish I had a 10 year old Honda Civic 😟

  8. Artistic_Data7887


  9. I’m sure at the end of the day most of the people working at a hedge fund or other institution are just regular people making a living. Its upper management (usually at every job) who are the biggest assholes. Ever seen the show BILLIONS ? Most of the traders are just regular joes

  10. Blink twice if you need help

  11. moonshotmercury

    Yah funny, cuz we all know AI computers make the trades. Even they admit it

  12. Sounds shit.

    I hate people and animals and kindness.

  13. not exactly wolf of wallstreet

  14. Things have changed since when Mr. Lewis was there.

  15. I had to scroll back up after the first or second paragraph to see if it was marked shitpost.

  16. Ah, I see you’re still working on the first floor. Work hard, and someday they might give you an elevator keypass.

    (^(Also, don’t ever complain about those sounds come from up above. In fact, saying nothing at all about them.))

  17. animus-222111333

    Your are in the wrong place courting some understanding, little hedgehog. P.S my crapper has hot jasmine towels too

  18. I must admit he had us in the first half

  19. WhenBlueMeetsRed

    Did you find rainbows and unicorns too ?

  20. There’s a code in this message. It’s a cry for help

  21. LMAYO where is the shitpost flair at, I almost believed it.

  22. They are all nice at work, let’s see how they treat their doormen in the high rise buildings they live in.

  23. Fantasy fiction has always been my favorite reading. And satire.

  24. Dependent_Fondant_60

    No, you’re just full of shit lol

  25. I Guess if your going to farm for Karma, might aswell be a bullshit story.

  26. Are you sure you joined a hedge fund that invest in the economic market or a hedge fund that invest in growing of hedges

  27. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)

  28. What kind people are these giving jasmine towels over LaVEnDer.

  29. God damn you mofos are rich, I drive a bicycle from β€˜89. Steel frame and no saddle. Kind of a rough ride!!

  30. wretchintheforce

    Forgot to mention how quickly you can work you way on up

  31. Sounds like my first experience with scientology.

    You get in, then they get in you

  32. You made me laugh out loud like i haven’t in months. Thanks. Have a great weekend everyone

  33. TruthHurts236911

    So theres no coke off hookers asses? I need to go change my fucking major right now. Im thinking psychology? Heard most dropouts/soon to be hookers are in this major, maybe ill find my regular Saturday night call in a Psych class?

  34. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4640)

  35. Kryptonian_Investor

    Are you awake now or still high ?

  36. Correct_Body8532

    I worked at a hedge fund for a few years and knew straightaway from the first sentence that this was a shitpost


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