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  2. #this is Summer 2021🤣

  3. Holy cow, I wanted this at IPO but didn’t pull the trigger and have since regretted it. Why did they come down so much? Grabbed 500 @ 28.21. Thank you sir 🙂

  4. CRSR has enough bagholders. OP trying to add to that number.

  5. Although I do have shares, honestly I’m not impressed with their products. My gf got a keyboard to go with her new Apple computer because she likes the colors. Apparently their keyboards don’t have a functional driver for the Big Sur iOS? She had all types of issues with customer service and they pointed her to a beta download which didn’t work.

    So she gave it to me and while it matched up with my PC easy enough the keyboard was glitching out thinking the left arrow was always pressed down, basically making it useless to type with. I troubleshooted it for a few days but could not figure it out. By the time she got through the driver issue it was too late to return it so it’s just sitting in our closet in a bin.

    Like I said I have shares and I do like the company in general but my personal experience wasn’t very good.

  6. Shoddy_Reporter_9647

    Yesssirrrr 💰

  7. BreakfastOnTheRiver

    Captain Jack Sparrow needs to be at the helm!

  8. Aren’t they heavily invested in crypto? If so, run, China is just the beginning on the crypto-crackdown.

  9. Thank God I didn’t miss the weekly CRSR moon post

  10. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276) Shrek approves

  11. fallweathercamping

    Still bag holding 10k shares

  12. Eagletree needs to fuck off before any of us can buy lambos bro

  13. Seriously, I have no hate, and have even been intrigued by it, but I’ve been hearing this since it was at 40 and it’s been only going one way since….. the wrong way

  14. 10k shares and a few hundred calls checking in.

    From your mouth to gods ears comrade.

    Fml my asshole hurts

  15. Been in since June with 128 shares.

    Bullish stock price will rocket once logistics costs start reducing next year as well hopefully!

  16. Beagleoverlord33

    Why would it beast? You could definitely be right I’m intrigued have been looking at it for a while. It trades reasonable but not so cheap. It’s in a growing industry but had a lot of growth brought forward. Iv seen estimates of about 8-10% eps growth over the next 3-5 years. With no dividend that just isn’t enough for me to pull the trigger. What am I missing?

  17. Product releases this quarter have been great, I expect their revenue to beat but EPS will be in the bin due to shipping costs.

    As soon as the shipping bottleneck resolves the stock will go up imo

  18. I’m heavy into CRSR with both shares and calls ( the calls were probably a mistake to be honest), but these posts really need to stop if they’re just going to include the same stuff that’s been in the last 30 posts.

  19. A force to be reckoned with

    Not: “not to be reckoned with”.

  20. Gtxtwentyeighty

    fuck it I’m yolo on 50 30c 10/15

  21. I love CRSR and its my largest position, but I am not looking for any beasting, short squeezes, or moons. I think this stock will do well over time, offer as close to no risk as I can find, and won’t be stressful in any way.


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