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  1. Oh shit your calls are printing. I’m in with 162 $7.50 10/8 and 500 shares as of two days ago. Bought in at the $6.35 point

  2. 1000 stonks loaded. LFG πŸš€

  3. Puzzleheaded_Way_582

    13k shares holding

  4. 101 stonks, all I got. Soo yolo?

  5. Zero talk of financials or forecast, seems about right. Gonna be a ton of bag holders here soon.

  6. *first seen 3 weeks ago*

  7. Ready for another pump and dump

  8. Me listening to WSB, nothing can go wrong… -52%

  9. terminally_irish

    Bought 325 @ $7.34 yesterday!

    GOEV? You mean only GOes up EV!!!

  10. FYI, the CEO did buy via his investment entity AFV (which I think has other people’s money in there) 56M shares from DD which are not included in the float calculation. He also got DD to agree to lockup their remaining 23.5M shares. DD sold those shares at a 10% discount off an already low price. Basically, the entity selling the shares had little belief in the company and was willing to take a discount and lock up remaining shares as selling them on the open market would have been a disaster. Tony was able to get them at a discount (and lockup 23.5M shares as part of that agreement… so in fact that was something of value DD gave up as well here… meaning they took a much bigger hit than that 10% discount) and salvage the market capitalization. What you are missing about the recent price action is the price was beaten down on the expectation of the DD shares flooding the market, but with AFV buying those and locking the remaining up, that downward catalyst is over and people who shorted based on that are out or getting out.

    Look, could be other forces at play, such as retail investors jumping on this, but the AFV deal with DD Holdings was a change in fundamentals.

    As to points 1 and 2, you basically said nothing other than you like the company. It is unlikely the company can get past 2022 without having to raise funds, so depending on where things stand in a year from now, this stock might be in major trouble from that perspective.

  11. 71 day old account quoting a ~250 day old account with 28 post karma? Lol

  12. TheNextBigWhale

    GOEV only gooes up? O_o

  13. *buys in rn*

    *instantly goes down*

    Mmm yes

  14. Seen one driving the other day.
    I’m in! πŸš€

  15. everyone sell if ur looking for day trade it gonna drop

  16. i’m personally selling today, i’m fine with 25% returns because when i seek more i just get burned

  17. my 200 GOEV share is happy.

  18. Been holding warrants forever. Make me rich WSB

  19. anyone buying warrants on these? If it shoots up, wouldn’t that make more sense?

  20. MysteriousHome9279

    Their cars look like an offspring of a VW camper buttraped by an alien flying saucer during a hippie vanstock.

  21. Is u/brotherluminous still here? I pray he made money off GOEV with the amount of DD he posted here.

  22. I’m going to stay out of this one

  23. Fuck it in with a measly 150 shares

  24. 50 shares, not much if I can buy some nuggets after I will be happy

  25. Thought there would be a slow down at the end of the day because of how overbought it is right now, nope, officially on board to Tendy Town!!

  26. Loaded on cheap calls last 15 minutes of the day.

    Thanks to whichever r/thetagang retard sold me those for .02

    I’m fucking terrified of the AH right now though

  27. Already stuck in goev since it died last time πŸ₯΅

  28. Holding 7k shares @ $11,92, pick me up on the way ✌️

  29. 10/15 12c are up 250% let’s gooooo

  30. I’m fealin the vibe, its ..electric ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)

  31. lifesabeach2000

    2600 shares all on margin

  32. Definitely gonna drop some time next week by when? Used my last $100 on $7 calls when it was 6.50 or so.

  33. I don’t think the powers that be will ever allow another short squeeze to happen

  34. nice got a bunch in TLRY and picked up GOEV! moon shot

  35. WaymondWamano04

    $AGC is CANOOs identical twin in terms of short interest and float. Literally almost identical

  36. I have 100 shares I bought at 9.30. I suck at options but want to bank lol. What’s the option play?

  37. I’m all 40 of my dollars in

  38. Ambitious_Relief_151

    You’re gonna be πŸ’ŽπŸ‘Š for a long time you πŸ…±οΈetards

  39. Canoo is a deep value play, no matter what they say. Been saying this for months.


  40. GOEV tbh shorts are sitting duck right now with no more shares to short. They’re at our mercy.

  41. I think this stock is primed for a short squeeze. With the number of calls ITM if we sustain enough buying pressure going into Monday and Tuesday, shorts should run for the hills. We could see $20 EOW

  42. Top-Exchange-9160

    You might want to look at Lucid Group


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