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  1. origami_asshole

    As I’ve said before, lilium looks like some apple shit. 🚀

  2. Enough-Pound1026

    classic wsb play: +10000% or -99%

  3. TendiesIntensified

    Any concern that they are tied in with Tencent?

  4. > is comprised of planes that are often 50 years old

    I thought this was because most pilots don’t want to have to get trained on (and re-certified for) new planes?

  5. I came for SI, redemptions, reduced floats,

    I got eVOTLs

  6. manofthesheeple47

    I’m a fan of the industry and have some leaps in JOBY. Will look to add more over coming months. I chose them because, among other things, they already have partnerships with NASA. Legit as fuck.

  7. Itonlygetshigher420

    I picked up lilium on my eader through pltr investment in them.

    3b valuation. I think it will have a run like rocketlab soon given the small float.

  8. JOBY 10 years from now could be amazing

  9. FWIW…. The ARKQ fund added just under 24,000 shares of Archer (ACHR) on Friday.


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