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  1. Fucking 🏳️‍🌈🐻

  2. IndividualForward177

    WTF else em I supposed to do with my cash? Let the inflation eat it?

  3. The constant spy only goes up has me ass deep in spy puts and uvxy commons…… been bleeding though, believe it all 100% fed need the hammer to come down on them , shit I’m walking around holding people accountable for there everyday shit with no ease cause I’m so pissed about the financial system just being able to print into oblivion, it’s infuriating….. but I’m good 😌

  4. The puts are going to print 10000% but the dollar won’t be worth shit… Bittersweet to finally get that 1000-bagger and still end up poor in the end

  5. I remember 1929 like yesterday

  6. I keep saying this but I agree with you. The problem is if I invest according to that feeling I lose money every time. Something’s got to give here soon, but the fed just keeps on kicking the can down the road.

  7. Ill-Bandicoot648

    Only Palantir know the future

  8. Moist_Lunch_5075

    This reads like “I saw this documentary on youtube about the world ending and we’re obviously all going to die in 2012.”

    I mean… you blame the 2008 crash on investment margin debt. Err… no.

  9. 1929 had some of the greatest priced stocks of all time, so you are saying go all in on calls?

  10. /yawn such a boring take ray dalios are a dime a dozen

  11. Inflation is only a problem without growth and we have plenty of growth. We’re due for a correction but a ’29 crash? Probably not. The economy is just too strong.

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  13. You should check out r/BeatTheBear if you’re interested in this topic.

  14. You’re right. It will go down…in 2030s…not joking either. Just enjoy these roaring 20s and make as much money as possible.

  15. IComeToWSBToLaugh

    The amount of retardation in this post is just baffling

  16. YetAnotherYAAuthor

    It’s great that you are learning and thinking about what the future holds.

    If you think it will turn out like your writeup you are a fool, and if you invest based on this thesis you and your money will part.

  17. Dude financials are buying a shit load of shares back.

  18. Jonnyskybrockett

    “I saw a documentary and therefore know more than people who studied economics for 12+ years”. Okay retard lmao


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