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  1. The-Night-Raven

    Got out with minimal loss yesterday. As you mentioned the volume has been non-existence to help the price.

    Edit: Was fun while it lasted.

  2. Don’t mind me, just came here for the Westworld reference

  3. RollingDoingGreat

    Opened 10/15 puts today. I think this goes the way of the other despacs

  4. Thanks for the honest update, some assholes have problem with honesty.

  5. Appreciate the update. Buying pressure and volume definitely would’ve helped for bigger swings. Here’s to hoping for that Monday

  6. I got out at close . Seems too risky at this point. It really likes that $14 mark but I fear once it breaks that it’s going to be in reverse. But I always seem to make the wrong play so I like your chances

  7. Best of luck man. Had to sell because I don’t have balls like you have (nor the technical knowledge too).


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