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  1. Might buy some 6 month out calls this week, I do agree that it is undervalued and probably dropped much more than it should’ve on earnings

  2. Appropriate_Tap_7045

    Yeah I have failed to catch a falling knife after earnings, so I was a little hesitant to scoop this one up. I have a hunch youre a 100% on the money that this is a longer term play. At the very best itll gain back a few points and trade sideways for a few months.Time for some leaps , baby!

  3. Was planning on buying some 01/21 160 calls. This DD has me a little more confident in my decision. Do you think those calls are too short term?

  4. Glad I bought the dip, small position of 70 shares and some weekly lotto tix. Ty for this, for once I feel pretty confident about my play 🙏

  5. Agree with OP. But I do see some further drop in share price to the low 140s maybe high 130s, then back up. Supply chain issues are a problem for every business with a tangible product line.

  6. PabloEscobar322

    NKE love the brand, hate the exposure to China market

  7. Alwayslearning1993

    Thanks for the DD.
    What are your thoughts on the distributors that also saw similar dips to their stock prices?

  8. As this is not advice, if you were to buy calls not based on advice, what calls would you buy that expire roughly after next earnings date?


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