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  1. Made a quick 500% on a GME call today, not too much since it was only one but now i have more cash for more options gambling 😎

  2. Lordstown is selling the factory to Foxcomm which has a deal with Fiskar….

    I see absolutely no upside to this…(for Lordstown)

  3. Present_Ease_1305

    IRNT another fooking pump and dump.

  4. fooledbyvechain

    Sold GME covered calls $340 strike x10 contracts expiry 10/08. Plan to buy to close tomorrow. Think next week may be volatile.

  5. Glad I can post again. Are you guys seeing CTB with SDC! I’m so happy to see it! We need volume now and we are going to get those greedy shorts.

  6. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow with GME

  7. LCID price targets by EOY? $40?

  8. Electrical-Path-9618

    GME looks like its gonna run tomorrow, 0dtes time

  9. ConsciousAgent1

    Theta gang hopes you apes never smarten up. Thanks for funding my other trades 😆

  10. Miserable_Horse9484

    Sdc ready for squeeze?

  11. My DD – 45.48% SI, Free float about 100 mil, 60% institutional ownership comes to about 40 million shares for us retail retards to trade. 45Million shares shorted. CtB came as high as 258% today. Currently at 22.8% which tells us a little volume and price action will get some solid movement.

  12. freehouse_throwaway

    Closed most of my LCID covered calls today since they’re +80% and still a week to go.

    Honestly breaking $30 would be hard given valuation. But if it ever breaks that by EOY – I’ll mull hard on taking gains on the position as it’ll be enough to probably get a non Dream edition Lucid heh. It’s 3-4 months to long term cap gains too tho.

    Between selling covered calls since Jan/Feb and exercising the warrants for more commons, my cost basis is close to $10 now.

  13. Neither of these tickers did anything yesterday lol

  14. Ia there still money in the banana stand?

  15. I get paid tonight, putting it all in SDC tomorrow.

  16. NIO DELIVERS 10.6k cars in SEPTEMBER!! 🔥 we’re off to the mooon!!

  17. should i hop back into gme? looking to move out soon and i need funds

  18. Up over 100% in LCID $19 calls (12/17). Already sold just over half the calls and just watching to see where the rest will go. Hope it can hit $30. $28 seems to be the resistance level right now.

  19. New $11 price target for SDC by Credit Suise. Squeeze catalyst?

  20. Options-n-Hookers

    Just request to have GME shares transferred from IB to CS.


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