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  1. Anyone getting into $bntx? This is a great dip

  2. can gme and amc do the thing again at 1:00pm? 🚀

  3. I read online that volatility is back and GME and AMC are volatile

  4. Buy GOEV now, green Monday morning?

  5. Cmon gamestop rip upwards so my amc calls can print

  6. Loaded up BBBY calls yesterday because I was sure they were undervalued, figured it would bounce back up….. oh boy it’s not looking good for me

    10/22 $18 call

  7. IWillKarateKickYou

    Everyone should be looking at GME these next few months. Could be in for some serious gains. Rumors of big news coming, christmas sales spike, end of year tax loss harvesting for shorts, and yearly cycle from last january coming up. Oh baby.

  8. BBTV on the TSX has way too many shorts, over 1 million. With 40k daily volume that’s 25 days to cover. Lets squeeze em

  9. Fuck bbby seriously I hope they all eat shit

  10. 200 volume on the last gme candle lmfaoo

  11. mediumrarestonks

    So AMC still a garbage company on the path to bankruptcy right? Where my fellow AMC 🌈🐻 at??

  12. so I’m guessing that sdc will be kept below 5.50 until after robinhood sells my 5.50 calls around 3:00 and then it will jump up significantly

  13. Trump_sucks2019

    Are we sleeping or still holding?

  14. Take a look at what happened to Spire Global after hours yesterday. Looks like insider info and market manipulation in the options market. shorted to hell this morning and huge open interest in low puts and high calls. It all happens to coincide with a share dilution that would not deserve that kind of reaction.

  15. Stocks up 2% except the ones in this sub

  16. CMON SDC JUST GO UP LIKE 5 cents before close!

  17. Ready2gambleboomer

    Wow DJIA +500 SPY +5 sweet!!

    But you still lost $$$? How the fuck did that happen? Bag holding BB, CLOV, TLRY, you know…

  18. Plenty-Grape-1840

    My son behaves like an ape, he runs around and make chesty sounds, what should I do?

  19. mediumrarestonks

    BBBY it dropped almost 25%. It has to have a relief rally right..? right????


    ZM, BBBY, DASH. Stay the fuck away from pandemic plays till the dust clears man.

  20. GameStop GME, 0.73% closed down just 0.3% after a late-afternoon surge into positive territory, and AMC AMC, 1.50% soared 7%, while stocks like BlackBerry BB, -0.21% and Koss KOSS, -0.04% closed higher as well. this was something I just read on market watch. Interesting if it does close down

  21. Ready2gambleboomer

    So down 500 yesterday and up 500 today? I think this is a text book “pinata” market chart.

  22. Why the fuck is GME and AMC still in this thread it’s been a fucking year for fuck sakes move on and stop adding shitty fucking plays Ex: SDC the company is actual dogshit and the probability of it moving upwards is 0/10 the mods these days are so fucking gay

  23. commieconfidential

    Was mind BBBlown with that EPS. That company deserves to die

  24. buying SNDL with every available penny below .70

  25. Extreme bearishness for BBBY so inverse WSB lol. Will recover once they fix supply chains

  26. BBBY!!! what’s up to WSB!!!

    This company has had steadily declining annual and quarterly revenue, it is dieing!




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