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  1. A margin call on real property isn’t too bad especially for big institutions. Liquidate properties to pay the call, in Zillows case at least.

    Whether or not these institutions handle their debts before damage is done to pension funds would be the question.

    Let’s hope prices don’t correct too much too quickly

  2. Zillow $Z has been down a bit lately. Them buying houses is concerning, but it doesn’t seem to be the money printing machine some people claim it is.

  3. Zillow is starting to reduce list prices in many formerly hot markets, mainly on the west coast. Don’t bet against them because WS loves technology companies. Look at Invitation Homes if you want to capitalize on the RE crash that is coming.

  4. I’m in real estate but also give BJ’s behind the Wendy’s too. We are seeing this trend more and more in desirable areas. But they are buying the house for way over asking and even sometimes selling for less than what they bought it for. I’m stumped… Supposedly, it’s for market share more than anything right now. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. I don’t see prices going down from where they are now, just maybe not any higher.

  5. RedditSucksDickNow

    It’s like quote stuffing/spoofing for real estate comps.

  6. Not sure I buy the whole conspiracy but the fact that these companies have a side that makes estimates and a side that buys/sells is going to eventually lead to the buy/sell side having power over the estimate side. Same thing happened with rating agencies and the banks in 2008.

  7. Housing appraisals have never been remotely close in the majority of in demand areas. Like before smartphones were a thing tax assessment was half or less of market value in cities.

  8. Im_A_MechanicalMan

    That’s dirty if true. Similar to putting an item on ebay, then creating a second account or having a friend bid it up.

  9. Interesting theory, thanks for the write up. I don’t see this causing a crash any time soon but it’s fun to think about how this affects the real estate market

  10. Zillow and other iBuyers account for about 3% of home sales, they are not rigging the market overall.

  11. >Is there a problem with this?

    Yes, gaming comps this way with shell transactions is against Federal law.

  12. SwissPrivateWanker

    Like the theory, but spoofing the market is not legal and those are public companies. But who knows I don’t live in the indebted states of America

  13. Blackrock or Blackstone? I always see people getting them confused. If its Blackrock then thats scary. If its Blackstone….who cares.

  14. I sold my house for $637k after fee to opendoor, they are losing for $655k.

    The house has been listed for one month.

  15. You know who’s bankrolling Blackrock?

  16. I need to move to the USA if you can get a home for a measley $250k. You guys are like 5 years behind on the global housing crisis. You’ll likely catch up and reach 700k avg home price country wide before the end of the decade.

  17. Why is this nonsense allowed on here?

    This has nothing to do with stocks or options, includes no positions and has nothing to do with wsb

    Fringe conspiracy theories about the housing market have no business here

  18. Don’t underestimate the U.S. government for pushing real estate higher. They profiteer by sweeping all Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac profit into the treasury. They have kept them artificially undercapitalized and in conservatorship since the housing crisis.

  19. Just like Evergrande none of these shit companies have made a profit on this in the end.


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