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  1. It’s not too late to get out while it is still up. Markets correcting. Cash out and invest in a good company at a good price next week

  2. usernameiswhatnow

    You lost me at the mention of marketwatch.

  3. Itonlygetshigher420

    Your going to be holding bags

  4. Isn’t it that $GOGO only provides network service to private jets now? If I remember correctly they don’t provide networks for commercial flights anymore

  5. Complete-Meaning2977

    Only 3 commercial airlines partner with Gogo. Air Canada, Alaska and United. I have used it and it wasn’t impressive by any means. It would fail mid flight sometimes too. Yes it popped but if anything I would buy puts on this while it has room to drop

  6. Suspicious-Singer243

    Part of the bull thesis for Gogo is related to their private aircraft part of the business, which Covid increased usage of private planes.

  7. I posted a fairly in depth DD post but got removed by moderators, any tips to get it through? Look at the GME daily chart before the final leg of the first big gamma squeeze to 500. The daily candles and volume profile are nearly identical to GOGO. From jan 13-21 on GME chart.

  8. BoredBillionaire

    This is a squeeze .

  9. BoredBillionaire

    Retails are always wrong . Watch GOGO hit $40 next week and these bitches will say we never tell them . I posted 2 DDs and they downvoted me .

  10. knowwhentoholdthem

    I’m in! Buy shares and calls.

  11. halfbakedfuckwit

    I’m with you bro.

    This stock is primed for a squeeze. With 20 days to cover the shorts are in a bad position.

    Surprised more apes aren’t getting into this. Everyone got the gme lambo’s, amc should have got you your private jets but seriously, who wants a private jet without 5g connectivity?

  12. Thank you to all for pumping this up, so I could get puts for really low IV, hope y’all have a great day and great rest of the week!


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