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  1. Phase 3 recruiting underway. Let’s go!!

  2. Most of us aren’t doctors of internal medicine I don’t know what the fuck these acronyms are. What is AD?

  3. SAVA is a scam. They clearly photoshopped their Western blots and the stonk cratered. Being a physician doesn’t give your DD credibility either.

    Look into CLF instead.

    u/THCBBB please educate this man on good biotech companies.

  4. What is your play? Stock? Options?

  5. When is the next big news?

  6. Spiritual_Extreme_81

    Didnt this POS crater when the CEOs wife gave a presentation of their lackluster trials? Before the shorts attacked.

  7. Holding strong with 70 shares honestly want to get to 30 so I can do covered calls, the premium is just so juicy

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  9. Internal_Ad_1091

    Updated to include a section on Valuation.

  10. What about the lawsuit against them?

    According to a filed complaint, Cassava Sciences, Inc. issued materially false and/or misleading statements and/or failed to disclose that: (a) the quality and integrity of the scientific data supporting Cassava’s claims for simufilam’s, a small molecule drug designed to treat Alzheimer’s disease, efficacy had been overstated; (b) the scientific data supporting Cassava’s claims for simufilam’s efficacy were biased; and (c) as a result of the foregoing, Defendants’ positive statements during the Class Period about the Company’s business metrics and financial prospects and the likelihood of Food and Drug Administration approval were false and misleading and/or lacked a reasonable basis.

  11. a_little_blue_bird

    Long ass DD and a physician who knows his numbers. I am in baby!

  12. RelativeSquare0

    I bought in this morning. Hoping to hold long term, but what do you project/guess for the stock price by year’s end?

  13. re: the biomarker data, wasn’t one of the lawsuits alleging fraud on the biomarker data since one lab found no change in biomarkers or whatever, then SAVA switched labs and voila all of a sudden all the data looked honky dory

  14. This stock was only $41 only 2 weeks ago.

  15. Love-Will-Privail

    I appreciate your post doc! I too have been on this roller coaster. AD has plagued my family and despite the short-seller citizen petition, I believe this drug holds the best hope for Alzeimer’s patients and their caretakers ever. Huge upside potential and short squeeze candidate, all for a good cause!

  16. Still waiting to hear back from the family member. I can confirm she is no longer working in this field directly and has since switched labs to a focus on CRISPR tech. I am confident that if she is aware of the medication she will be able to give me some info though. I cannot prove that I know this person because I would be doxing myself.

    What I’m seeing is that the previous allegations appear to be completely bullshit. The results of the 12 month trial were sent out to two independent biostatisticians who both verified the data and came to the same conclusions separately.

    Further, the FDA doesn’t seem to have paid any attention to the lawyers petition, and the fact that the whistleblowers took out a short position before the petition was brought forward just screams of manipulation. Far as I’m concerned they can whistle blow on my dick until there is some actual evidence brought forward. Seeing as the 12 month data has come after that and has been independently verified by Ph.D statisticians, I see no reason to believe that the medication isn’t legitimate.

    Fingers crossed for good phase 3 trial results. I’m in for now and will add more if I get any good news back.

    Edit: For anyone waiting on me, my contact simply mentioned that she is skeptical of the mechanism of action and said there is very little research supporting the idea. However, isn’t that true of all new treatments? We don’t know until the trials are completed. Take that for what you will. Not financial advice.

  17. What’s your opinion of CRTX?

  18. Impressive! Glad to have been given this beautiful opportunity to get into SAVA! Thanks paperhands for letting me get in for cheap.

    Haters are idiots. Doubters are fools. Skeptics are deceived.

    Wise investors can understand the data, dismantle the FUD, and be very content knowing we are going to the moon! It’s gonna happen!

  19. SAVA is a great leap play. Stock as well. Sure they made some shit miss on some poster, but data is golden and it shows…that this works! Medicine is entering phase 3 even with all the lawsuits—yes please!

    There is a rumor that Joe Biden wants SAVA to pass so he can have brain viagra to help us with inflation…

    In 2011, Obama passed the law, with no objections. 2025 Alzheimer’s cure!

    See the link [Obama law ](

  20. Yea no they misled investors and it’s a pretty shit company and product. Lose money elsewhere unless you want to lose it really fast with SAVA

  21. Don’t get fucking burned in option with this one.. pure buy and hold on this stock!!

  22. It’s like Amazon Prime Day for epic deals on SAVA shares…just added more to my long position. 🤑

  23. Solid stock and it’s just the beginning

  24. There’s a lot of dummies in here who don’t know how to think for themselves. The law suits are going nowhere, citizens petition is going nowhere, and SAVA will leave them in the dust as it works towards full approval. Price target is over 3k for me.

  25. I completely agree with this long post. Everything is accurate and well stated.

  26. Anything to help senile boomers. Im in!

  27. I got in at $52 and out at 69 and got a juice profit!!


    I wait small more to get a better price around $56 and play again!!


  28. PromotionPhysical212

    Been investing in this one since it dropped because of a short attack!! should go up soon!

  29. I’m all the way in! Feeling good about next week and the weeks/months/years to come

  30. So… how were the dick pics?


  31. Bought some the other day and averaged down more today.

  32. You left out the part how the data is completely manipulated and false though.

  33. It’s a perfect cup and handle formation. Next week looks really promising for SAVA.

  34. Would you be able to go over JT’s fraud claims one by one if you can? I saw their letter and the one about the Western blots looking like it’s been cut and paste seemed like a major red flag…Great if you could clear that up just so everyone on here can understand exactly what the attacks were about and why those are non-issues. Thanks!

  35. What do u think of a t h a

  36. Thanks for post.

    Gives me more confidence in the stock. Been holding since after I got in after the first major crash on the lawsuit attacks.

  37. nicolailudovico

    I’m in. Thank you!


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