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  1. Well, a little bit of hedging never hurt anyone.

    Yet, since this is WSB, let’s go directly with puts on SPY, apes!

  2. it’s 2021 and this is reddit. who tf gives a shit about patterns?!

  3. Buying SPY 300p for Nov

  4. Slim_Margins1999

    That pump this AM after that dump last night. Wow. They had to prop that up. Imagine people puts this morning after another $5 drop in spy🤣🤣🤣.

  5. just bought a few puts on spy for EOY

  6. Hey mods, can we demand a screenshot of positions? I wanna see those $300 SPY Puts OP claims they bought.

  7. Stonkologist_MD

    This retard has called a crash every day for the past year.


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