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  1. about to short China

  2. StillcorruptDetroit

    About to short the shit outa chopsticks

  3. Perennial-Millennial

    No wonder they banned everything related to the thing that shall not be named here. Next thing you know, they’ll be running out of shitty chicken and shitty pork.

  4. 4% of Chinese coal was from Australia.

  5. China will just make the Uyghurs turn generators by hand, Conan style.

  6. Traditional-File-143


  7. These saps that are in love with buying the dip are about to get fucked on their honeymoon.

  8. Leather-Yesterday197

    The communist party maybe electing a new party leader very soon.

  9. Green_Lantern_4vr

    It’s their own fault. Xi sucks and never played Sim City on hard.

  10. Vegetable-Length-823

    Hope it all burns metaphorically they need a revolution.

  11. About to long $BBBY for candles play.

  12. Ok but before anyone panics. How much of this shit has been verified. Is there actual blackouts going on? Are factories really only working 2 days a week? Sources

  13. Well, maybe it’s time to play the ‘ol start-a-war-to-avoid-economic-turmoil card. “Never let a good crisis go to waste!” my tyrant always said.

    Sure looks like that’s what they’re preparing for, anyways.

  14. China is and has been a joke since Xi began this farce of pretending they were the strongest country on earth and went into a mega debt to just build that delusion into fruition.

  15. Could we go long US steel instead since China’s energy crunch will put downward pressure on their ability to meet global steel demand thus driving demand for US steel up?

  16. Reason #4,364 to bring manufacturing home.

  17. “The chip shortage in China has cut car production in half and there recycling old chips illegally on a grey market.”

    so you’re saying if i buy one of those shit chinese cars it might come with an ex bc mining 3090? im just sayin worth considering

  18. China owns like half of Africa. Can they not find any coal there?

  19. Is shorting okay if it’s against the Chinese government? Asking for my wife’s boyfriend.

  20. It’s gonna crash about 6 months after your puts expire, as is tradition

  21. The play is ex-China steel, Arcelor-Mittal and CLF here in the US. Metallurgical coal ain’t cheap either.

    UBS thinks the 3 red lines will eventually be good for China because it’ll improve home affordability and force developers to run at an investment-grade level.

  22. As an Australian I’m bullish on bed shitting

  23. Whatever you take from this DD, please keep in mind that next week is a chinese national holiday called “Golden Week”.

    During that time most (nearly all) manufacturing plants are closed anyways. The rule of thumb in logistics is that everything that you want to have in stock (EU or US) for christmas should be shipped out (container; sea or railway) before that week, so it still arrives on time.

    I am not saying that China does not have issues, I am just saying, that their peak manufacturing times for this year have probably already happened over the last few weeks.

  24. Alibaba don’t have enough liquidity to pay foreign investors now

  25. They did kinda threaten the kangaroos with nuclear war, they deserve it

  26. ChaseComoPerseguir

    Another common translation issue. There are millions of blackouts. There’s million of Chinese workers listening to Britney Spears álbum, blackout, in solidarity with the singers legal battles.

  27. ImpliedAssumptions

    So what do I buy? Puts on Panda Express?

  28. Any monetary gain that would derive from the fall of the CCP pales in comparison to the general improvement to humanity’s quality of life. I have my fingers crossed.

  29. No wonder they put the Kabosh on those Krypto currency miners “Ve haf no electricity und u fuckers are mining make believe $hit”

  30. TalkingBackAgain

    They built empty cities. That’s nonsense.

    They have 30 million men for whom there is no woman to marry. That’s painful.

    They have a government for whom saving face is the numero uno priority. That’s nonsense.

    The trees do not grow into the sky. Not even for the Chinese. It just. does. not. work. that. way.

    Those companies with direct exposure to China will suffer.

    Positive point: the Chinese will lose a very great deal of influence because companies will be reluctant to work with/for them since they obviously can’t provide a stable economic environment.

    Positive point: all those opportunities coming back to the land of the free^(TM) will mean more jobs, more products, more wealth generated in the home land.


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