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  1. Lmao people complaining about working conditions in their own car. Fucking clean it then you dumbasses!

  2. > Is it a good buy?

    For me no. This is a “tech” company that only outsources its customer service. As wages in other sectors go up, because of a tightening labor market, people are weighing their options to leave these courier companies. Feel free to look at the ubereats, DoorDash drivers subreddits yourself. People are perpetually saying that base pay has stayed stagnant, and for DoorDash it actually has decreased. These companies are putting millions in advertising and signon bonuses, but anecdotally, fail to retain drivers. You could try and wait for turnover rates, but it is unlikely to happen.

    Because these apps are popular, there is enough reason for them to stay, but I just find it unlikely you can use them as a growth stock, such as other companies.

    Edit: turnover rates “to be released” & formatting

  3. Its a buy for me at $30, to much of a shit company to buy it any higher

  4. fuck uber, their prices are ridiculous, they always cancel, and it takes forever. Done with them in every way

  5. $72 EOY, all you need to know, take 1 look at the weekly chart and you’ll be balls deep

  6. Don’t believe in lying Dara


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