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  1. Got a buy order in for $SSO at $115. Shares. Playing for s short term bounce.

  2. Now I know why all big techs CEO went to the white house that day….

  3. As a bull I have to admit that the bears won and are still winning

  4. Everyone keeps saying Feds sold at the top… no tim cook sold at the top… mfkn AAPL = US economy

  5. If apple goes below 140, then I might panic

  6. Gonna watch the butterfly effect again. Kinda depressed.

  7. If they wanted another black singer for the Super Bowl halftime, why didn’t they get someone like Kane brown or someone current….. who tf is going to be like “I’m so excited to watch snoop dog on the biggest stage of the year”

  8. obiwanjustblowme

    Feel good that I held on to those IRNT 25Ps I picked up last week at $2. Officially 10 bagged boys.

  9. wthisgoingonanymore

    And bounce today I’d put money on being a bull trap. **not financial advice**

  10. digging_for_fire

    Lots of random posts/comments about Wish the past few days. I think it’s due for another little pump before crashing today. May be worth using a day trade violation for it today for a quick play.

  11. You know when they say it can’t get any worse . It just did

  12. Elonmuskishuman

    Time in the market, time in the market, time in the market

  13. that feel when you missed out on PROG….

  14. tallpaulpaultall

    Hey u/AxemanFromMa

    Those SPY $450 calls printing yet?

  15. Would you keep holding GOOGL and SPY after a 1500 loss? Im scared

  16. clearlynotanegg

    Who are the biggest bag holders and issuers of private non-federally backed student loans? I see a big dip in the future that must be attended to.

  17. Apparently we celebrating like it’s 4th Quarter 2018!

  18. Ok_Cheesecake_3179

    CCJ does not give a single fuk

  19. You think amc margin call is today ?


    ^*Walter ^Bloomberg ^[@DeItaone]( ^at ^2021-10-01 ^05:52:03 ^EDT-0400

  21. The Doletards will be YOLOing into DOLO, DOLE calls incoming

  22. the-bad-lieutenant

    Just took a mutant dump…kinda more green (apples) than red….I see as a sign, today will be a good day…the shit has spoken

  23. Once AAPL hits 140, im gonna short the entire world and unleash inflation

  24. I love how the most manipulated people think they’re the least manipulated people. 🧐

  25. It seems painful, but there’s a great figure in The 4 Pillars of Investing by Dr. Bernstein showing that for younger investors market crashes are actually good, because it allows you to obviously buy low. Returns are better for younger people over the long run when shit tanks.

  26. I know we can’t talk about small caps that other subs are squeezing but boy oh boy my calls are looking mighty tasty. Stock up 40% yesterday then 34% AH. I’m so hard, give me one more pump before that market CRASHES

  27. so we inverse futures right hopefully we fade to green like we have been going from green to red

  28. Strangerdanger8812

    Im 39 today…I get to pickup my cookie cake later. I got a my little pony one made…the kids will think its funny but I hope my wifes boyfriend likes it

  29. IncognitoCumShot

    We’re recovering boys


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