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  1. Why the massive dip in the last week?

  2. Fuck it, I’m in for a $400 January call.

  3. I was up 250% on my bntx shares at one point lol, I’ve been in for a while.

    It was much more fun when they were rising

  4. Covid anti-viral pills will make vaccines less important

  5. Moist_Lunch_5075

    Agreed. Same exact concept for Moderna. These are both promising companies with new technologies, lots of income, lots of very interesting and promising new products in the pipe… the tailwind from the capital for both companies can’t be understated. And I think there’s room for both companies in the space, as well. The market retraction here is an overreaction to the Merck news… I feel safe buying this dip.

  6. This isn’t “boomers selling the end of a covid play”. This DD fails to mention that the company is overvalued by any stretch of the word…why does it trade 20x book and 20x sales? If you say it’s truly going to join the ranks of large, long-standing pharma companies, Merck’s PS is 4.38 and it’s PB is 6.18. PFE even lower at 4.37 PS and 3.4 PB. There is decent promise in the SP with FDA approval, but judging by those ratios, it’s already priced in.

  7. I bought a few days ago, 30 shares at 280. First test of my diamond hands during this day as I watch it plunge. I survived! Let’s rock!

  8. The pill is not a substitute for vaccine. It’s a lifeline treatment for folks who end up in the hospital, and it is 50% effective based on a small sample size.

    I’m bullish this name because it is the cheapest vaccine stock by far. $250, next year earnings at $43 a share = 5.8 PE.

  9. Put in a buy order this morning for some, I’m guessing I shouldn’t be worried about it currently being down 2.6% pre market? I’m buying regardless as I trust you chaps!

  10. CanooingToTheMoon

    How can you be sure that big run up in august was due to earnings? Anything else going on that caused it? I don’t think it’s just an earnings run up tbh


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